USS Liberty

Peter Jansen

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Chief Science officer (ACSO)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28 (August 1st)
Height: 1.90 m
Weight: 92 kg
Hair: Dark brown
Eye color: Green
P.O.B: The Hague, The Netherlands, Earth
Martial status: Single

Physical Description: Tall ; normal physique ; has short, dark hair with sideburns running down to the middle of his ears
Languages: Federation Standard; Dutch; German; Klingon


Good food and drinks, is especially fond of dark ales and Saurian brandy; likes good company and social gatherings; his best friend is an all-our flirt so he tries it too at times but needs the practice; likes to cook 'old-fashioned' style; likes Terran classical music but once in a while indulges in old Terran blues..


Arrogant people; is a night person but doesn't like getting up early (not in his best of moods in the morning); anything involving tomatoes


Quick thinker, absorbes information quite fast (if it interests him)


Has a very cynical approach to certain matters; his sarcastic sense of humor is often misunderstood; tends to keep babbling about his field of research which can be quite tiresome to other people; has a problem planning things and, for others, he can look quite chaotic


Has a soft spot for small, furry animals; has a few Klingon friends and finds their culture quite interesting


Plays the piano and guitar; loves anything involving nature, which includes hiking, diving, fishing and climbing; not exactly a part of his social studies, but he likes to explore the myths and legends of several culture, including their forms of cryptozoology

Education: (post highschool)

- 2369: attended Heidelberg University, Germany, Earth

- 2371: enrolled in Starfleet Academy, combining his training with his university study

- 2373: received his doctorate at Heidelberg University; final thesis was a sociological and behavioral study on wolves, called "The Language of Death", in the Bavarian National Forest

- 2375: graduated from Starfleet Academy


- father: Dr. Ruud Jansen(62) - researcher Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald (National Forest Bavaria), Germany, Earth

- mother: Dr. Helen Jansen (58) - veterinarian Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald (National Forest Bavaria), Germany, Earth

- brother: Lt. Hendrik Jansen (30) - tactical/security officer aboard USS Jupiter, Akira-class

- sister: Nadia Jansen (26) - studying interplanetary law at Cambridge University, England, Earth

Career History:

- 2375: Graduated from Starfleet Academy
- 2375: Assigned to the USS Drake, Excelsior-class as science officer
- 2377: Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.)
- 2377: Transferred to Fandre as part of a Federation research team
- 2378: Stationed at Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth as a field scientist
- 2379: Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to USS Liberty

Personal History:

Born in the Hague, Earth, Peter grew up in a family which were job-idiots at one level but were also caring and loving toward their children, never neglecting them. At a young age, it was clear to his parents that Peter had inherited their field of interest. Often he would accompany his father to work and he always kept an eye out for 'dangerous animals', much to the amusement of his father. His relationship with his brother and sister is extremely good although it was known at a young age that they did not share his interests.

Although Peter was intelligent enough, he had trouble at school, mainly because most subjects bored him. The one's that didn't, he passed easily. Still, this was no ground to continue on and after hard work and much effort, Peter managed to complete his highschool although barely. It was no surprise to his parents that he requested to be accepted to Heidelberg University in the area of animal behaviorism. Considering his grades, the board was somewhat reluctant to admit him but he showed that once he got to his field of interest, there was no stopping him. During his university years, he spent one year in Krugerpark, South-Africa, only to return to Germany where he received his doctorate not much later.

What did come as a surprise to his parents, was his application for Starfleet Academy. He would be able to combine his university education and increase his area of research by adopting social studies. And so he did, following in his brother's footsteps because there was no better way to explore the galaxy and do research on its lifeforms than through Starfleet.

After his graduation, he was assigned to the USS Drake an Excelsior-class ship. Due to the war, his scientific role was severly limited and it was only after the war that hey got the change to catch up on his studies.

Then, a year later in 2377, a remarkable opportunity presented itself. Fandre, a lush jungle planet had gained new ties with the Federation and was willing to open its planetary reserve, known as 'The Legacy', for a select group of outsiders. Much to his surprise - and grattitude - Peter was a part of those select few and he spent the next 12 months researching the widely varied animal life in the reserve. He was dissapointed when he was called back to Earth and he always hoped to continue his research there in the future. Due to his profession, there was never any real chance of a long-term relationship. Him travelling across the galaxy made that practically impossible. As a result, he dates on ocassion and (tries to) flirt around but he always realizes that his work comes first. After doing several studies in the field, making his way from planet to planet, he was offered a permanent position aboard the USS Liberty, a Nebula-class starship.

Seeing this as an opportunity to continue his research and have a 'home' at the same time, Peter gladly accepted the assignment.

USS Liberty Records
. First post: 2003, June 3rd
. 2003 - 3rd quarter | Bronze Comet | (TF) Medal of Honour | Promotion to ACSO
. 2003 - 4th quarter | Silver Comet | (TF) Citation of Valour

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