USS Liberty

June Craig

Occupation: Bar Manager / Civilian Diplomatic Attachι
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 75 kg
Hair: Black, long and wavy
Eye color: Brown
P.O.B: Seattle, Earth
Martial status: Married to Lt Sertak (npc)

Physical Description: Tall and physically fit.

June Craig - USS Liberty


Although she is usually a good listener, and is appreciated for the friendly advice she can give from behind the bar, the fact she never hesitates to bluntly say what she thinks has earned her a slightly bad reputation among certain types of people.

She can also become rather bossy when she feels over confident, and always has a sharp answer if someone tries to take advantage of her or is behaving badly in the Lounge.

Although she has a positive attitude towards life, she also believes that the universe is chaotic and that it's often pointless to try and bring a semblance of fairness into it, since most races are destructive in one way or another.


• Loyal and courageous.
• Open minded. Likes humour.
• Always willing to listen to her clients' problems, although some may find that she is a bit intrusive at times.


• Bad tempered with a stubborn streak. Seldom lets it go if she is confronted to something she doesn't appreciate.
• Years in space, with more bad fortune than good luck have drawn her to enjoy alcohol and particularly Gin, perhaps a little too much. She will often revert to her favourite drink when she is upset or frustrated. Although others have yet to see her drunk.
• Lousy at mind games, such as chess.
• Totally unfamiliar with weapons, be it phasers or blades.

Hobbies And Interests:

• She has a reputation for collecting rumours, it's a way for her to remain informed on everything that's happening on the ship where she works.
• When she is away from the Lounge, she likes to turn to Vulcan literature, archaeology and ancient cultures, or drinking with a selected guest. If she wants something more exotic, she will then spend some time on a holodeck.


• Anyone trying to cheat, gamblers, lazy people and rude customers.
• People who look down on her.
• Cold temperatures and nature in general.


To simply remain independent, and meet interesting people.


To her dismay, she enjoys junk food...


• Ethnic Studies that she finally gave up.
• A position as a barmaid on the USS Charleston, opened a new career for her, and these 5 past years, she has worked in a number of bars on various vessels, but always far from Earth.
• She still has a passion for ethnology, and keeps herself informed on any discovery made in that field.


• Father : Kevin Craig (50).
Occupation : Employee in the local Animal Nature Park.

• Mother : Elvira Craig (50).
Occupation : Artist.

• Brother : Kent (24 months)

Her parents are still living and working in their home town. They resent June's choice to live on a ship and aren't exactly on good terms with her. But her father occasionally contacts her, officially to get news from her daughter, although most of the time his urge to speak means that he is in trouble with the local authorities, and needs some financial help.

USS Liberty Records
. First post : 2001, Oct 31st [services rendered Sept 2000 - September 2001]:
. 2001 - 4th quarter | Medal of Truth | Medal of Unity |Merit Ribbon |Liberty Cluster (2) | Liberty Star | Char switch to Kym Arvandor |
. 2003 - 1st quarter | Bronze Comet | Char switch from Kym Arvandor | Off game rank of full Commander (Fleet rank)
. 2003 - 2nd quarter | Silver Comet | (TF) Honour of Excellence
. 2003 - 3rd quarter | Gold Comet
. 2003 - 4th quarter | Latinum Comet | Supernova | Duty Ribbon | (TF) Captain's Star

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