USS Liberty

Nicholas (Nick) Sharpe

Rank: Commander
Position: Chief of Engineering
Species: Human
Age: 30
Gender: male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (177 cm)
Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
Eyes: blue
Hair: light brown
Status: widowed, currently living with Pomme Dubois (nurse)

General description:

Nick has light brown hair and blue eyes. He has a youthful appearance, making him appear almost five years younger.


Adm. Edward Sharpe (Father, ASDB)
Elaine Maxwell Sharpe (mother)
Lt. Elizabeth Sharpe (twin sister, JAG Officer)
Dr. Megan Carter Sharpe (wife, deceased)

Nick Sharpe - USS Liberty


Although generally easygoing and carefree, Sharpe expects no less than the best both from himself and his subordinates. Due to his past experiences, he has developed an almost obsessive attitude towards perfection in his work. He enjoys a good joke, but has always had trouble understanding those who do not live up to their potential.


Nick enjoys a very active lifestyle including many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and kayaking.

Service Record:

2365-2369 Starfleet Academy
2369-2370 (Ensign) Damage Control Specialist/Hull Team, USS Calypso
2370-2373 (Lt jg) Hull Team Leader, USS Calypso
2373-2376 (Lt) ACEO, USS Yagami
2377: ACEO, Parthes Station
2378: CEO, USS Liberty
2380: XO, USS Liberty
2380: CEO, Uss Liberty


Nick grew up in North America's Appalachian mountains and spent most of his free time outside. He shared his father's passion for starships and applied to the Academy at his first opportunity.

During his Academy training, Nick developed a passion for space walks and as an ensign on the Calypso logged more EVA time than many of his superior officers. He became romantically involved with Dr. Megan Carter (the Calypso's ACMO) during this tour. By the time he earned the rank of Lt. (jg), the two had wed.

In late 2376, the Yagami responded to a distress call from the Oberth class USS Marshall, damaged in a spatial anomaly. Most of the Marshall's crew had been injured, and while Megan and her medics tended them, Nick led a team into the engineering section to stabilize the warp core. The damage to the ship's systems proved too severe, and Nick ordered both teams to evacuate.

Although both ships were at a "safe" distance from the anomaly, it generated enough subspace interference to scramble transporter signals. Nick's team made it back to the Yagami but he was unable to retrieve Megan and her team before the Marshall's core breached.

After his wife's death, Nick lapsed into a profound depression that nearly cost him his career. He sought counseling before it was too late and fought his way out of it, but it continues to resurface occasionally. Nick accepted a transfer to Parthes Station in early 2377 and adopted his dog Zero soon afterwards.

After the CEO and Second Officer position, Nick went on to be First officer on the Uss Liberty. A mission left him badly wounded and he was replaced. He is now back on the Uss Liberty in his first roles.

USS Liberty Records:
. First post: 2001, October 31
. 2001 - 4th quarter | Merit Ribbon | Medal of Truth
. 2002 - 1st quarter | Bronze Comet | Honour Ribbon | Char switch from Makui Karraka to Nicholas Sharpe
. 2002 - 2nd quarter | Silver Comet | Merit Ribbon | Medal of Unity
. 2002 - 4th quarter | Gold Comet | Latinum Comet | Duty Ribbon | McCoy Award | Medal of Honour
. 2003 - 1st quarter | Bronze Comet
. 2003 - 2nd quarter | Silver Comet | Liberty Star | TF Captain's Star | Promotion to Cdr | char switch from Nicholas Sharpe to Makui Karraka-Betar
. 2003 - 3rd quarter | Gold Comet
. 2003 - 4th quarter | Latinum Comet | Nova | TF Honour of Excellence | TF Citation of Valour
. 2004 - 1st quarter | Char switch from Makui Karraka-Betar to Nicholas Sharpe

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