USS Liberty

Logan Poe [NPC]

Rank: Ensign
Position: Conn officer
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Vulcan
Home World/Place of Birth: Earth, Lawrence KS
Age: 21
Date of Birth: April 11, (twenty-one years ago)
Physique/Build: Tall and slender - typical Vulcan appearance
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black
Skin tone: Dusky, with a greenish tinge
Distinguishing marks: Vulcan ears, brows
Marital Status: Single, not currently involved with anyone


Logan's family consists of a human father, Adam Poe, and two younger half-brothers, Patrick and Kelson Poe. Poe's Vulcan mother and human stepmother are both deceased. No extended family.


  • Talents/Abilities: Excellent at multi-tasking, can do several jobs at once with both speed and efficiency. Very logical and good at public speaking and acting. Talented pilot, competent marksman.

  • Special Abilities: Limited touch-empathy, but none of the 'traditional' Vulcan mind-tricks. Slightly stronger than human norm, but not enough to write home about.

  • Strengths: Languages, social interaction, and scientific theories (computers, archeology, etc) Has a good mind for remembering facts and dates.

  • Limitations: Not very good at applications, such as on-site repairs or building things. Struggles with higher mathematics.

  • Likes: Genealogy, History, and anything resembling a party. A very social person and loves to have a good time. Also hates to be alone, which probably explains why has always loved pets. Currently have two goldfish and a cat, all Terran.

  • Dislikes: Being alone, building things, traditional Vulcans.
    Ambitions: To serve Starfleet and the Federation and eventually become a starship captain.

  • Hobbies/Interests: Starfleet history. Collects 20th/21st century earth "comic books."

  • Education:

    - Home schooled by father until 12 years old, attended Jay hawk High School in Lawrence, KS for four years.
    - Starfleet Academy, Flight Control

    Personal history:

    Poe's father is the plainest human there is; born and raised in Kansas, and he's never left the planet Earth. Mother was an exchange student from Vulcan when they met in high school. They became very good friends, and eventually developed a relationship. Logan was conceived during her first mating drive, but complications with the pregnancy and delivery left her weak. She died when Logan was only a few months old. Father remarried several years later, and he and step-mother raised Logan as their son.

    Often had a hard time with peers because of Vulcan appearance, despite the fact that he have none of the Vulcan inhibitions towards emotion. Thinks of himself as human primarily. Nonetheless, it was probably his Vulcan half which led him to the stars. Always been interested in exploring and finding new things, and loves to fly. Family supports him the whole way, even though father and both brothers are farmers and have no greater aspirations. As he's entered Starfleet, he's found himself acclimating to the environment very well and making friends amongst most of his classmates, but full-blooded Vulcans make him uncomfortable - and they seem uncomfortable around him.

    Medical/Psychology Report:

    Despite his very Vulcan appearance, Logan is a typical human male of his age. He interacts well with groups, though he does have some issues to work out involving his Vulcan heritage. Until he does, he may have a hard time with Vulcan classmates. Besides that, he forms attachments easily and may suffer slight depression after graduating and being separated from everything he knows. As soon as he settles in, though (which won't take long), I'm sure Logan will be able to find a niche for himself wherever he ends up. All in all, a very promising cadet with a bright future.

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