USS Liberty

Alexander Lucius Kendrick

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Counsellor
Nickname: Xander
Species: Human
Age: 33
Gender: Male
P.O.B: Earth, Canada, Toronto (Ontario)
D.O.B: Nov 11, 2345 Height: 5'11
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Hazel
Marital Status: Single

Distinguishing Characteristics:

A scar above his left eyebrow that was the result of a soccer injury at a young age; a tattoo of his high school crest on his left shoulder.

Mental Health:

Xander’s mental health is up to Starfleet standards, but, as a ship’s counselor, he has an added weight upon his shoulders. Xander is a very intelligent man who can solve problems quickly and efficiently.


Xander believes in family, friendship and loyalty above all other things. He would do anything for a friend in need and, as a result of this behaviour, he has often been stretched to his limits both physically and psychologically.


o Xander often relaxes through the playing of games of chance (cards, etc) and through strategy games, especially chess.
o Xander loves food of all kinds and will try everything at least once.
o He is physically active, going through a daily physical regiment prior to any appointments.
o Studying cultures of all worlds and all ages.


o People who ask for advice, but don’t listen to reason.
o Overly scientific approaches to counseling.


o As mentioned above, Xander prizes loyalty above all things. He is an extremely loyal, trustworthy person.
o Strategy. His brain is made for problem solving (part of the reason he became a counselor).
o Diplomacy. He can tell anyone anything and make it seem positive almost 99% of the time.


o Xander, as a result of his extreme loyalty, sometimes trusts the wrong people and has been burned many times in his life.
o Science and math. He tends to avoid these as much as possible, although he does have the basic understanding afforded to a Starfleet officer.


o Starfleet Academy – 2363-2366
o University of Toronto Medical School – 2367-2370


Xander comes from a family of prestigious diplomats.
Father: Ambassador Kevin Kendrick, Alpha Centauran Ambassador.
Mother: Sheila Kendrick, diplomatic advisor to Federation Council.

USS Liberty Records
[Cdr Jared Cypher - 2000 and 2001 - COS - XO] Bronze Comet | Silver comet | Medal of Truth
. 2003 - 1st quarter | Gold Comet
. 2003 - 2nd quarter | Latinum Comet
. 2003 - 3rd quarter | Bronze Comet
. 2003 - 4th quarter | Silver Comet | (TF) McCoy Cluster

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