USS Liberty

Hans Dreyer

Rank: Commander
Position: Chief of Operations
Species: Human
Age: 52
Gender: male
Height: 1m95
Weight: 110 kg
Eyes: blue
Hair: white blond, short cropped, curly
Marital status: life companion to Romanelle Podhigar, CO

General description:

Dreyer is almost larger than life. His presence in a room is impossible to ignore. His voice is deep and sonorous, his built is muscular and impressive.


Dreyer was born and bred on Earth, Northern Europe (Norway). He usually keeps his boisterous youth for talks over a drink. His record with Starfleet is a mix of medals and commendations won through his technical skills and bravery, and of incidents that impeded his career. He started at 18 as a non commissioned officer. Among his most memorable assignments was Utopia Planetia where he spent 5 years before tripping and being reassigned to Parthes Station, where he served under its then CO Romanelle Podhigar.

After serving as Chief Engineering for a long time on the USS Liberty, Dreyer, looking at his last decade of active ship service, has decided to go for a change and became Chief of Ops when the position opened up.


Dreyer is the incarnation of "manly" and knows it, but tended to shy away from any serious relationship for a long time after his divorce. He is now in a long term relationship with Romanelle Podhigar. He has a 25 year old son and a 19 year old daughter he is very close to.

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