USS Liberty

Drake MacLeod

Rate: Petty Officer 1st Class
Rating: Engineer's Mate (EM1)
Species: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male
P.O.B: Earth, Scotland
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Brown
Distinctives marks: dimples, legs look good in a kilt
Marital Status : Single


Drake MacLeod is friendly and adventuresome with a great love of history. For years he has been involved in historical reenactments of all kinds, but especially those involving the British Isles on Earth. He was born on the Isle of Skye in Scotland to a Starfleet officer and an bagpiper/artist. His mother, Bridget, is the Starfleet officer; his father, Ian is the artist. He has two sisters, Meg and Bonnie, who are twins. The girls are anthroplogists, just out of college.

Drake loves to be with people and always finds someone to talk to. He enjoys a good party, but also likes to be on his own now and then. He enjoys cooking (see below), can dance, can play the bagpipes and can paint. However, his first love is tearing things apart and putting them back together again. He's a born engineer, something neither of his parents can understand.

Drake has a good sense of humor, but there is a temper lurking underneath that can come out in explosive force when he's pushed. Normally that temper is rarely seen. His other hobbies include being outdoors and hunting.

Drake doesn't like bullies or officers who think they know everything. He also hates spiders.

One of his prize possessions is an old-fashioned wrench, which he carries with him. It still comes in handy.

Personal History:

Born on Isle of Skye, Earth
Attended schools in Scotland until deciding to join the navy. Nothing remarkable happened in his early schooling. He had a happy childhood, very pleasant. His school life was not traumatic in any way. Special events included learning to play the bagpipes and discovering a natural talent for painting landscapes.

Career History:

- Crewman Recruit: three months on Earth's Moon. Not a good place for the wearing of a kilt.
- Crewman Apprentice: Drake took courses and training in engineering, especially dealing with starfleet vessels. One year on Earth with training voyages of one month durations.
- Crewman: Promoted and assigned to USS St. Louis in the engineering department for two years. Learned a great deal about engineering from a soon-to-be retired chief engineering officer. Drake became is protege.
- Promoted to PO3 - still aboard the St. Louis. Worked closely with new chief engineering officer, but the relationship was less than satisfactory for both - one year. Transferred at first chance. USS St. Nick: Served three years in engineering department. Was onboard the vessel when it was attacked and nearly destroyed. In that destruction, Drake's records were lost as the ship was transferring personnel records of over 1,000 personnel to a new master computer at the time of the attack.
- Promoted to PO2. Transferred to USS Liberty.

USS Liberty Records:
. First post: 2002, March 31 . 2002 - 1st quarter | Commendation
. 2002 - 2nd quarter | Bronze Comet | Commendation
. 2002 - 4th quarter | Silver Comet
. 2003 - 1st quarter | Gold Comet | Cross of Distinction (TF)
. 2003 - 2nd quarter | Latinum Comet | Merit Ribbon | Promotion to PO1
. 2003 - 3rd quarter | Bronze Comet
. 2003 - 4th quarter | Silver Comet | (TF) McCoy Cluster
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