Doctor Ebersole
EMH Mark V

Name: Doctor Ebersole
Rank: N/A
Place of Origin: Jupiter Station, Holo-Programming Center
Position: Emergency Medical Hologram
Species: Hologram
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be 65
Height: 5'6"
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver

Education/History: The Starfleet Emergency Medical Holographic (EMH) program was introduced in 2370 in the new Starfleet Intrepid-Class Starships. The original EMH was programmed by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman of the Jupiter Station Holoprogramming Center, assisted by diagnostic engineer Lt. Reginald Barclay. This current Mark V hologram is modeled after Doctor Catherine Pulaski's appearance. The EMH is meant as a short-term supplement to a starship's medical staff during an emergency. The EMH is only able to function in areas equipped with holographic projectors. The projectors generate the humanoid image and a magnetic containment field. The field allows the doctor to manipulate physical objects. The EMH is programmed with over 5 million treatments from 2,000 medical references and 60 physicians. The program also uses a learning algorithm, allowing it to learn and adapt to new situations.

Doctor Ebersole was so named to honour the last Doctor who's treatments and medical references were added to the mix. The Doctor Ebersole EMH is both strict and gentle. Hard but fair with an excellent bedside manner. Over time, if she is used often, she will gain a unique and distinct personality that will reflect her exposure to her surroundings.

Bio form and contents courtesy of Cdr Roman Carter
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