USS Liberty

Makui Karraka Betar

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Conn Officer
Species: Akari
Age: 20
Gender: female
Height: 5 ft
Weight: 130 lbs
Marital status: Life mate to Tomak Betar, one daughter, Moel

General Description:

Akari have large pointed ears and thick fur covering their entire bodies except for their palms and the soles of their feet. Akari also have tough pads on the soles of their feet, making footwear almost completely unnecessary. As a result, Makui’s standard uniform consists of a vest and breeches, and she wears boots only when absolutely necessary. In addition, the Akari have small but prominent snouts, providing them with a sense of smell on a par with the Terran canine.

Akari are carnivores and prefer to hunt their food when they can, although they maintain several species of domesticated animals. They can and often do consume their prey raw, but also enjoy cooked meat. The Akari diet includes a wide variety of animals prepared in a diverse array of styles.

Makui herself is considered quite beautiful (by Akari standards). She has golden eyes and a soft pelt of silver fur. She is very proud of the glorious coat that the goddess gave her, and keeps it well groomed. Not to say that she’s vain, but she does like to look her best.


Makui is the only Akari in Starfleet. Although her people have been offered Federation membership, they have so far declined, preferring to remain in their ‘territory’ of four colonized systems. Unlike many of her people, Makui is intensely curious about Outsiders and their ways, leading her to enroll in the Academy at her first opportunity. She is generally outgoing and friendly, but often misses the company of fellow Akari.


Motomo (father, deceased) Amani (mother), Clan Karraka.
Tomak Betar (life mate), Moel Karraka-Betar (baby daughter)


Makui enjoys hunting, although she was able to do so only occasionally until she entered Starfleet and had access to a hologrid. She also enjoys cooking.

As an adolescent, Makui became quite skilled racing modified shuttlecraft through the asteroid field around her home with her cousins. This has resulted in her decision to pursue a position as a Conn officer as well as enroll in engineering extension courses.


Makui grew up in her clan's asteroid mining complex. As a young child, she was involved in a horrible explosion. Akari doctors could do nothing for her, and she seemed doomed to die. Despite the objections of his government, Makui's father begged the aid of the USS Franklin, an Ambassador-class starship participating in a diplomatic mission on the Akari homeworld. Captain Tyler and his crew were only too happy to render aid.

Makui made a full recovery and Captain Tyler became a close friend of the family. Makui applied to Starfleet Academy in 2374, under Tyler's sponsorship. She was accepted on her first try. During her tenure at the Academy, Makui experienced difficulty adjusting to life among aliens, leading to a number of misunderstandings. In 2375, she was involved in a physical altercation with a fellow cadet, resulting in nearly mortal injuries on both sides. The Starfleet inquiry found the Human cadet to be at fault (he was inebriated) and Makui was cleared of criminal charges, although she was reprimanded for striking a fellow cadet. The Human was suspended for a brief time.

Makui graduated with honors in Starship Flight Control and auxiliary spacecraft operation.

USS Liberty Records
. First post: 2001, October 31
. 2001 - 4th quarter | Merit Ribbon | Medal of Truth
. 2002 - 1st quarter | Bronze Comet | Honour Ribbon | Char switch from Makui Karraka to Nicholas Sharpe
. 2002 - 2nd quarter | Silver Comet | Merit Ribbon | Medal of Unity
. 2002 - 4th quarter | Gold Comet | Latinum Comet | Duty Ribbon | McCoy Award | Medal of Honour
. 2003 - 1st quarter | Bronze Comet
. 2003 - 2nd quarter | Silver Comet | Liberty Star | TF Captain's Star | Promotion to Cdr | char switch from Nicholas Sharpe to Makui Karraka-Betar
. 2003 - 3rd quarter | Gold Comet
. 2003 - 4th quarter | Latinum Comet | Nova | TF Honour of Excellence | TF Citation of Valour
. 2004 - 1st quarter | Char switch from Makui Karraka-Betar to Nicholas Sharpe

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