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Sereith Cha'Jo'Rek [Owned NPC]

Full name: Sereith Jhu Teillh Cha'Jo'rek (goes by Sereith)
Home World: Romulus, residing on Earth
Date of Birth: Febuary 3, 2351
Species: Romulan
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 Lbs
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black, Cropped
Marital Status: Single


Physique: Slender build, softer facial angles than Vulcans, ears less, Eye ridge pointed, Olive skin color


  • Talents:
  • Fluent in 4 languages (Romulan, Reman, Vulcan, English), avid hiker, expert with the Lirash (Commonly known as the Lirpa which is the Vulcan translation) a Romulan polearm with a crecent blade on one end and club on the other.

  • Ambitions:
  • To experience the Federation, and make her own judgments as to their motifs regarding the Romulans and their trustworthyness.

  • Dislikes:
  • Sterotypical view most have of Romulans as being malicious and two-faced. Being told what and how to think. Not having anything to do. Overly ambitious or cocky individuals. Dislikes loud clashing colors.

  • Likes:
  • Talking to people about the Romulans, solving complex problems, Loves lih (Romulan game of wits and riddles.) Loves being active.

  • Limitations:
  • Most species sterotype Romulans as being decitful causing some to lose trust in her. She also has an aggressive side, through meditation she has been able to control, it most of the time, however this could limit her judgement.

  • Strengths:
  • Advanced cerebral cortex lends to her intelligence. Outdoor nature gives her knowledge on sustaining herself with very little supplies. Romulans are more aggressive than Vulcans which in turn her to hold her own in combat. Despite her aggressive side, she willingly undergoes intensive meditation to control this aggression.

  • Special Abilities:
  • Able to solve complex problems quickly, endurance

  • Quirks:
  • Goes on regular "Survival" hikes with little more than a knife and the clothes on her back. Has an organized work envrionment, however her personal living space is a disaster area. Meditates for 2 to 3 hours daily.

  • Hobbies/Interests:
  • Loves lih, expert in using the Lirash. Training with the Vrelnec (straight, single edged Romulan blade with a basket hilt which is usually elaborately decorated. About 110-120 cm in length the sword resembles the Earth cutlass only heavier.) and Katana. Enjoys training in various weapons and martial art forms for the artistic movements involved rather than using them for combat. Loves hiking and diving. Loves physical contact sports. Loves sculpting and writing poetry.


    Joined Romulan Institute of Science and Medicine after completing high school. Took accelerated courses and in four years obtained a MD in Xeno-Pathology, MS in Internal Medicine and Immunology, AS in Counter Bio-Chemical Engineering. Attended Starfleet Medical for 2 years of advanced study


    Father - Miren Cha'Jo'rek - Romulan Commander, Killed during the Dominion War while serving as Chief Medical Officer for the Romulan fleet assigned to DS9. Taught Sereith the value of helping others. Prior to his assignment at DS9 worked as a Medical Instructor at the Romulan Institute of Medicine and aboard various ships and stations as a medical officer.

    Mother - Virtalla Cha'Jo'rek - Romulan Senator. After the overthrow of Shinzon, Virtalla was elected to the new Romulan Senate. Taught Sereith the workings of the Romulan Empire and that peace is always better than war. Prior to her election as a Senator she served as a diplomat to the Federation. Severly injured during an attack on Deep Space 9, recieved treatment from Federation officers. While serving as diplomat, she was authorized to carry her children to various areas, possibly as a mask to show the Federation that the Romulans weren't entirely closed off. Despite this privelage, her children were closely watched by the Romulan security forces, and followed by an armed guard not just for their protection.

    Brother - Ternek Dar Nireh Cha'Jo'rek - Cadet in the Romulan Fleet. Twin brother of Sereith, frequently hikes with Sereith. Worried about the possibility of never being able to see his sister again because of his affilitation with the Romulan Military and her affilitaion with the Federation Military.

    Personal History:

    With her father as a Romulan Officer, he was rarely at home, and because her mother was a diplomat to the Federation, Sereith rarely spent time living on Romulus. Actually she spent most of her time within Federation space. She was taught how to defend herself by the family's bodyguard.

    Despite the privelage of being able to accompany her mother on her diplomatic missions, Sereith and Ternek were under the constant watchful eye of the Romulan Empire and Tal'Shiar. After each mission, Sereith could remember the "classes" her and her brother were forced to go to which told them the Empire was right and the Federation was wrong.

    While her father was serving as the Chief Medical Officer for the Romulan fleet assigned to Deep Space 9, and her mother acting as an expert on Federation Diplomatic Operations Sereith and her brother lived on the station. During one of the final attacks on Deep Space 9, her father was killed when Dominion and Cardasian forces stormed the station. Her mother was severly wounded during the conflict. The remaining medical staff proceeded to evacuate the station, save one officer, who put himself in the line of fire to administer medical attention to Virtalla.

    After that incident, the family returned to Romulus. A few years later, Shinzon assassinated the Senate and forced the minor diplomats into exile. With her previous work with the Federation, Virtalla took charge of the exiled Romulans and headed toward Federation space, under cloak and total communication silence. Upon their arrival inside Federation space, only a few lightyears outside of the Bolarus System, Virtalla had the other ships drop cloak and send a distress call. The Federation responded immediately and gave the exiles protected assylum. After the destruction of the Scimitar and the overthow of Reman forces, the exiles returned to Romulan space.

    After their return, Virtalla was elected to the new Romulan Senate. With the new Senate it seemed that peace was within reach. Sereith asked for the Senate's and Preator's approval to join Starfleet to expidite the eventual peace process. After much discussion on the issue, she was allowed to pursue a career in Starfleet. They also told her that because she is making such a bold move by joining the Federation, that once she goes over she must abide by their laws, and the Empire in no way would protect her while in Federation space. As for her maintaing contact with her family, open communication is still under debate, as for crossing into Romulan space, that has yet to be discussed.

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