USS Liberty

Pomme Dubois

Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
Position: Nurse
Species: Human
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 1m55
Weight: 47 kg
Eyes: electric blue
Hair: black, straight
Status: Currently involved with Nick Sharpe

General description:

Pomme is small but shapely all around, with a well toned body. Few won't notice her sparkling blue eyes. The origin of her given name (Pomme, apple) is found in a very round face with red cheeks. She likes to have her hair in a "Joan of Ark" cut and a fringe, held with a head band (a whole collection of them) or sometimes in a very short and amusing pony tail. She's a lively person but to her efficiency means being so well organized she never has to run.


Pomme was born and bred in a community settled in the early days of the Federation's exploration of the Alpha Quadrant. As a result, she has a vast family rather than a defined set of parents and relatives. If asked, she would narrow down to three mothers, two fathers, a godfather and seven siblings.

One of her mothers (Safran) is a trained physician and taught Pomme from an early age into medical care matters. Her godfather Storm is a teacher who would often take the children into field trips for weeks on end. Pomme developed a taste for travelling and a lot of curiousity for other worlds and ways of life.

Pomme didn't wish to wait for years to complete medical studies through the Federation curriculum before starting her Starfleet career, which is why she chose Nurse training. Her former experience quickly came to show during her probation internship, then on the medical ship where she was first assigned. Apart from the brief bout on the USS Julius Caesar, the USS Liberty is her second assignment. She left the ship and her position as Head Nurse when Nick Sharpe went on sickleave and has accepted to return as Nurse when he was reassigned to the Liberty.


She holds stress to be the main culprit behind many conditions developed by Starfleet personnel, and gladly spends several evenings a week teaching sophrology classes.

She dislikes gymnasiums and would sooner go trekking or swimming on a holodeck for the whole day than sweat uselessly on equipment. When she's not on a holodeck or teaching sophrology, she's bound to be found around children, playing several kinds of flute or doing some amateur theater work. She also enjoys sewing and will often be welcome by teachers as an assistant in a number of activities.


Pomme's favourite part of the meal is dessert. Her favourite dessert is chocolate in any form and shape. Others are carrot cake or a "Pomme special" made of slices of apples with almonds, vanilla ice cream on the side and hot chocolate on top, with a sprinkle of salted nuts or assorted dry fruit. She likes about any meat as long as it's served grilled (a little charred at the edge even), or exceptionally in a carpaccio ; and raw vegetables in a variety of dressing. She only eats fish is in sushi. Thanks to a fast metabolism, she can eat a lot and thoroughly enjoys her meals.

She enjoys life the way she enjoys food and is not prepared, by education and personal preference, to consider the concept of monogamy. She is however committed to reconsidering her position in the light of her current relationship with Nick Sharpe. The only times this otherwise happy character would be grumpy is when she lacks sleep or has to eat on the run too often.

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