USS Liberty

Romanelle Podhigar

Rank: Captain
Position: CO
Species: human
Age: 38
Gender: female
Height: 1m65
Weight: 60 kg

General description:

Were she a dog, she'd be a mongrel. One could say of her face that it is remotely patrician. Her midlength hair is a mix of brown shades, with touches of dark grey matching her eyes. No matter how hard she tries, her uniform always looks on her as if it has seen the last shift and the one before that.

Although fit and not unattractive on the average, seduction is definitely not a priority (but she did make a note 20 years ago to look up the word some time). Given a better education, her voice could have been deep and warm, while her Standard has the slightly foreign feel of old frontier worlds. She moves briskly, with an almost masculine demeanour.


Parents: traders, travellers, settled for a brief spell on a forlorn planet (Baroom) where the child was put in the care of a local family when her parents separated.

At age 14, Podhigar was apprenticed to a space junk dealer for a year then worked aboard a merchant ship. From then on she went through several jobs, miner, space tech... until she was enlisted in Starfleet at 17. She made good way and was steadily promoted, a further career move leading her to a Boatswain position as WO. At 26, she achieved full commission as an Ops officer with the rank of Lt (jg).

Podhigar's career then slowed down almost to a halt as she fought for balance between her former status and the new demands of officership. She cumulated a number of humdrum assignments in out of the way places, her stubborness eventually rewarded when she was promoted full Lt at 29. Pursuing the same policy, she accepted at 31 a less than coveted spot as Second Officer on the Parthes station and ship cemetery that came with the rank of Lt Cmdr.

The next year, the outcome of a chance rescue operation resulted in her transfer aboard the USS Melior (New Orleans refit) as Chief Of Ops. At 33 she chose to leave the ship for a series of secondary assignments, first as XO then as CO, fighting a reputation of "good, deserving, hard working officer... lacking the spark for the best commands".

At past 35, a disappointed and somewhat bitter Commander Podhigar made it back to Parthes as CO of the station. Having run out of options, she rebounded nonetheless by settling to make the best of what she had - and gain Starfleet's approval of her project to turn Parthes into a repair and refit shipyard. Working against her orders at times, she had a selection of doomed crafts up and running again, until she got Starfleet's ear and her project was on the way.

In spite of it - or maybe because she had demonstrated technical and managerial skills that seemed to justify her assignment to a shipyard - the odds for a moon to go nova looked slightly better than Podhigar's chances to ever get a big starship's command.

In 2378, for reasons never fully explained, Sector Commander VAdm T'pek made Podhigar CO of the Nebula Class USS Liberty.


Captain Podhigar is currently involved with Cdr Hans Dreyer.

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