NPC Science Crew

This does not list all of USS Liberty's large staff of scientists and lab technicians. These are just some of the key non-player characters.

NAME: Zezik Lial
(Note: Zezik is surname & spoken first as per Bajoran tradition.)
RANK: Ensign
SPECIES: 50% Bajoran / 50% Cardassian
AGE: 25
POSITION: Computer Sciences Officer (Encryption/Decryption Specialist & Computer Engineer)

DESCRIPTION: 5' 6", 158 Lbs., short, stocky, athletic and muscular. Greyish beige skin with blue eyes, black hair, and dulled Cardassian features on his nose, neck and high forehead. Lacking knowledge of who his natural parents are, Ensign Zezik only knows he was spirited away as a baby from Cardassian-occupied Bajor to Federation space in hopes of avoiding persecution & social isolation typically experienced by "hall-breeds". Shuffled back and forth between refugee camps and Terran foster homes most of his life, Lial is more comfortable with computers, crunching numbers, and cracking codes than he is with people. Leave him a job to do he'll do it and do it well. Try to make idle conversation, be nosy, or be sociable with him and he'll likely snap back with the most hurtful & effective comment he can devise to drive away the intruding person. His anti-social tendencies and unwillingness to open up to counselors are all that's stalling his chance at promotion.

NAME: P'Seel
RANK: Warrant Officer (WO)
GENDER: Female
AGE: 88
POSITION: Planetary Sciences Officer / Computer Systems Analyst

DESCRIPTION: 5' 8", 119 Lbs., slender, still youthful by Vulcan standards. A devout follower of Surak's teachings as well as computer technician with decades of practical experience behind her. Also an accomplished geologist & meteorologist who, upon her 80th birthday, left behind 3 grown children and a husband to "pursue other possibilities" by enlisting in Starfleet.

NAME: Derek Schwartz
RANK: Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3)
SPECIES: 50% Vulcan / 50% Human
AGE: 18
POSITION: Scientist's Mate (Computer Programming Specialist)

DESCRIPTION: 6' 5", 198 Lbs., slender and tall with pointy ears and light brown hair. A teenager raised among humans and acts accordingly. Rather than worship logic like his Vulcan relatives he's made himself subject to weekly doses of medication that successfully minimize a bi-polar emotional disorder (without it his naturally intense emotions go unchecked). Barely out of basic training and subsequent technical training courses (where he easily dazzled his instructors), his Starfleet career has barely begun, but his skill with a computer is hard to match. This was proven by his arrest and conviction at age 16 for hacking into the Starfleet Command database (he supplanted the Commander-in-Chief's file photo for a picture of the president getting "friendly" with a donkey and an Asian man in thong underwear), for which he was given the choice of a penal colony sentence or conditional probation involving enlistment in Starfleet to teach him discipline.

Bio form and contents courtesy of Lt Cdr Dennis Einhaus

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