USS Liberty

Tomak Betar

Rate: Crewman
Position: Security Enlisted
Species: Akari
Age: 30 (see below)
Gender: male
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 153 lbs
Marital status: life mate to Makui Karraka-Betar (Chief Conn), one daughter, Moel

General Description:

Tomak's body is covered in striking jet-black fur, with faint white markings beneath his eyes, which are yellow. The whole effect is a somewhat sinister appearance. As most races measure time, Tomak is over a century old. However, since he spent most of this time in stasis (see history), he is physically only thirty. Although retired, he continues to train and keep himself in good condition.


Although generally quiet and reserved, Tomak is passionate and very loyal to his clan and those he considers friends.


Jokan (father, deceased), Matsi (mother, deceased), Yael (sister, whereabouts unknown)
Makui, life mate, Moel, daughter


Tomak enjoys hunting, experimenting with new beverages, and Voch (Akari kickboxing). He continues to train and keep himself in good shape, even though he has retired from competition.


Tomak has been fascinated with Voch since early childhood, sacrificing time with his friends to train with master Vocha and compete in tournaments. At the age of 18, he exploded into the world of professional competition and within two years had become Arhak's youngest World Champion ever.

A few years later, Tomak began to realize he was little more than a money-maker for fight promoters. He also had begun to resent the lack of privacy. Before he announced his retirement, he used his wealth and influence to secure spaces for himself and several members of his clan aboard the Greylight, one of the new warp-powered colony ships. As fate would have it, the Greylight disappeared without a trace on her maiden voyage.

Eighty years later, one of the Greylight's escape crafts crashed on Salina with six stasis pods aboard. Five of the six pods were either already non-functional or destroyed in the crash. Among the casualties were Tomak's parents, but his sister Yael was not aboard the module. Although Tomak's pod survived, Salina's scientists have not been able to extract any useful information from the lifeboat's computer.

For the past five years, Tomak has worked as both a bartender and bouncer in a bar named Connor's. Although he has many friends on Salina, he has vowed to escape as soon as he can and discover what became of the Greylight, and his sister.

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