Location: Alpha Quadrant (outer galactic border)
Current year: 2380

The USS Liberty's mission pod makes her a versatile ship chosen to operate on the outer Alpha quadrant border of the Federation. With the uprated Nebula Class, the mission pod can be exchanged in a matter of days at SB 782 for a Science, Medical, Colony, or even a Tactical one depending on current needs, thus adding a dozen levels to the ship. (Most of the time, the Science pod is preferred).

The USS Liberty leads exploratory and scientific missions in the unclaimed expanse separating the main body of the galaxy from the galactic arm (the Farlands), and the occasional diplomatic assignment in the best interest of the treaty being discussed between the Farlands and the Federation.

She surveys and settles colonies, has the capability for humanitarian actions and while being mainly an Explorer, enforces Federation presence wherever needed.

The odd mission may lead her into the Farlands as well as breaking new scientific ground in the exploration of the near intergalactic space.

Her port of call is the last big stop this side of the galaxy: Starbase 782.

Dedication plaque
Dedication plaque designed by James "Larry" Lorimer

The USS Liberty has been fitted with a Galaxy type of Bridge module.
Galaxy Bridge Module

Ready Room
The Captain has yet to be convinced to redecorate her Ready Room. Bare but functional.