• Observation lounge: deck 1 (diplomatic and offical functions)
  • Lounge: deck 2 (bridge crew)
  • Galactic Halo: deck 10 (saucer side)

  • Officer and function holodecks: deck 8 (saucer side)
  • Enlisted and function holodecks: deck 9 (stardrive side)
  • General holodecks: deck 10 (stardrive side)

  • Gymmasium: deck 12 (saucer side)
  • Arboretum: deck 15 (stardrive)

  • Senior officers quarters: deck 8 (saucer side)
  • Junior officers quarters: decks 2-3 (saucer)
  • Enlisted quarters: decks: decks 5-6-7 (saucer), 11-14 (saucer side),
  • Civilian quarters: deck 15 (stardrive, arboretum level), 25-26


    Please find below some of the amazingly witty games the crew likes to play at the Galactic Halo. But first, the crystal ball the bartender set on the counter to answer her customers's questions... in her own, unmistakable style!

    Crystal Ball

    Please enter a yes/no question and it will respond

    Warning: the crystal ball has a tendency to be sarcastic!

    Score :
    Fails (6):

    The love Test

    Test the love between two people by entering their names below and then calculate their compatibility.

    + =

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