Basic specs

  • Class: Ournal aka Spacedock
  • Type: starbase manufacturing and support facility
  • Dimensions
  • Diameter : 3,810 m
  • Height (main) : 4,648 m
  • Height (overall) : 5,795 m
  • Decks : 1,200
  • Mass 580,000,000 tons
  • Crew 15,000 Starfleet, typically 20 to 35,000 civilian

    General deck layout:

  • Decks 1-111 Command/Control, SB Crew Quarters.
  • Decks 113-1000 Spacedock Level
  • Decks 1001-1100 Medical Level, Diplomatic Habitat Level
  • Decks 1101-1600 Science Level
  • Arboretum/Gardens (divided into sections for each biome).
  • Decks 1601-2300 Security, Habitat Level, Commerce Level
  • Decks 2301-2324 Engineering Level

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  • Starbase 782

    Considering the sheer size of the station, every section has a secondary medical bay, holodecks (for recreative or official use according to the section) and transporters. Many areas are necessarily restricted to authorized personnel, although civilians can be granted a tour in the observation areas around the station.


    When the crew gets to have a few hours or days of shoreleave back at SB 782, most of them will be found on the planet below. Velosia is an M class planet with no continental masses. Made entirely of islands of all sizes, shapes and climates, the planet also has for a particularity the many shades of pink colouring her skies and ocean.

    For as much, Velosia is far from being only a touristic place. A Starfleet Science Research Institute is located there, under heavy protection, and its personnel also resides on Velosia.

    Sunset on the pink planet

    Starbase 782

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