USS Liberty


(Been there, done that... sold the tee-shirts!)

=== The Ship ===

The USS Liberty RPG is a ST PBEM RPG (Star Trek role playing game played by email). The time-line is ST:VOY's... the feeling is ST:TOS and ST:TNG.

This newly refitted Nebula class starship is set for voyages where space exploration and self-discovery, scientific research and diplomatic endeavours are favourite plot lines.

=== You ===

You're a first time RPGer worried about being eaten alive by an experienced crew. You're an experienced RPGer with time for one more character. You're an RPGer trying to find something as good as your old favourite game used to be.

You've browsed through whole Fleet websites and you're read about a hundred ads saying the same (including what is written above).

=== Us ===

Like many ships out there, we built something special and unique. But how would you know if our game is the game you're looking for?

The USS Liberty offers you to become one of our "resident guests": no decision to make, no character bio to write even before you know where you're going. You will be added to the mailing list as an observer for 2 weeks.

Whether you are a newcomer to RPGing or an experienced player wishing for something at the same time familiar and unique - the USS Liberty stands ready to beam you aboard!

=== Application ===

Interested? Please contact Captain Podhigar with a little about yourself, and what department(s) and position(s) you would be interested in, if you already know. Questions are welcome, and all emails will be answered.

The Crew
USS Liberty

IMPORTANT NOTE: the USS LIBERTY RPG closed in 2004. This site is part of the MEMORY PRIME RPG REPOSITORY.
The GM and several players regrouped in 2006 and can be found at the USS AVALON RPG (update: september 2012)