USS Liberty


[started: September 1st, 2000 - ended: May 2nd, 2004]

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2377 - Federation time. The Ambassador class USS Liberty, salvaged from destruction and recommissioned, launches for a new series of missions.

"FARAWAY" had the ship and crew thrown at the other end of the universe altogether. Starting on a painful trek among the ruins of the vastest Empire ever to fall, they would eventually locate the millenia old technical archives allowing them to go home. But someone in the Federation didn't want them to remember...

Months after a bumpy return in Federation space, part of the crew recovered enough memories to lead them to hijack their former ship and force the security perimeter now protecting the intergalactic portal. As they emerged thousand years before the date of their first trip, their brutal jump triggered the destruction of the only intergalactic drive experimental installations in existence.

With the Empire already falling apart, the intergalactic portal they had used would never been built - nor would the Liberty crew ever know they had sacrificed their lives and taken one of the most momentous decisions in Starfleet history, in order to protect from interference the future of a galaxy that wasn't even their own.

2377 - Federation time. Having presided over the transformation of the Parthes scrapyard into a small and functional shipyard, Captain Podhigar is given command of the Nebula Class USS Liberty.


[ ”Faraway” Log - the mission that never was ]


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IMPORTANT NOTE: the USS LIBERTY RPG closed in 2004. This site is part of the MEMORY PRIME RPG REPOSITORY.
The GM and several players regrouped in 2006 and can be found at the USS AVALON RPG (update: september 2012)