USS Liberty


[Uss Liberty, Ambassador class, alternate timeline]
[End 2000 - May 2001]


73th galaxy on the left then up a dozen more and... Far away.


We're lost a loooong way from home and we're not going back any soon. Keeping in mind this memo, that's a question any player is free to answer :)


Getting lost is just the beginning. Now let's see just how good we can be with the rest ;-)


That's an interesting question. Thanks for asking it :)


After thousand years of expansion, it slowly collapsed, leaving in its wake the memory of what once was. Which means in fact it might not be as dead as it looks - History is not all black and white - and some may have vested interest, either in reviving it, either in making sure it disappears for good.


Well a galaxy is a really, really big place. YOU get a look around and keep us posted:)


In the last days of the Empire, such technological improvements were made over HYPERSPACE TRAVEL that it became possible to reach at random to remote parts of the universe. The UNIVERSAL DRIVE PROJECT however was never fully carried out. At its height, it was a well-guarded research project. Now it is a myth going around in spaceports bars.

One way or the other, when nearing Morange the USS Liberty was pushed through a hyperspace portal, leading automatically back to the one point whose coordinates were known: somewhere in the Empire itself.

(Just imagine the headache of establishing exact coordinates for a point on the other side of the universe, considering that each galaxy is sort of encased in their own continuum, with physical laws diverging even slightly and different time frames...). Hyperspace, by the way, is an old favorite in Science Fiction. Traditionnally, traveling through it was dangerous, painful and bound to leave you stranded in places you'd never thought you'd see :)


By now though the Empire is the shadow of the shadow of itself. The exclusive technology for SHORT RANGE GALACTIC DRIVE (limited to neighbouring galaxies), possession of the Empire's leaders, has been forgotten. ONLY A FEW OLD SHIPS EQUIPPED WITH IT REMAIN but the technology is FAR BEYOND ANYBODY'S SKILLS, and was meant that way. This galaxy now stands almost on her own. New species have emerged to space travel, old ones are extinct, have dwindled or in are in the process of rebirth. The foremost Empire Rule is a cursed memory to some, a nostalgic symbol to others, an inspiration to power seekers everywhere.


Kept as a convenience, what was once the jewel of an intergalactic civilization now serves as a BOARD OF TRADE and ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for all adhering worlds or stellar unions. (Think about the joys of trying to trade or have any relations with a few dozen thousand worlds across the galaxy). There are found experts in everything, the descendants of a species that was tailored over millenia to be servants of the Empire - now no more than convenient tools under the command of the ASSEMBLY. EC's power nonetheless is steadily growing to the point when it has become obvious to a few that the way to rebuild the Empire is through controlling EC - or destroying it.

Access to EC, its servants, its memobanks containing age-old knowledge is in hot demand, not to mention becoming an adherent (for worlds) and a member of the Assembly (for the GAMESTERS these worlds choose for Champions). Although it ramifies across the galaxy with representatives and offices, getting there is an almost impossible dream for most people, and as such a very common dream that the Game makes available to a few chosen ones.


It is another leftover of the Empire and still often a favorite way to select the leaders of tomorrow. Wins can range from a few days' board and lodging to a position to a space trip for the next competition once you get past World Class Level. As players or group of players qualify for major competitions and get chosen for champions (GAMESTERS), they're drawn closer to EC, where the finals take place.


The universal drive is a myth at the most. Everybody is mostly looking for the secret behind short range intergalactic drive. A few of the ancient power places of the Empire are bound to remain though - in this galaxy OR in the next one... One is EC, there's probably crumbs to be gathered all along the way too. Help yourselves :)

It sort of follows from a hint in the above that EC may or may not be the end of the way (although I'd like us to get there) and that the road back home can be an extremely windy one. Have imagination, will travel... :)

In so vast a realm, neither our crewmen nor our ship will surprise much. Their goals are to stay alive - to go back - and to remain true to the Federation's ideal and their sworn duties. How they accomplish all of this (if they do... ), all the side problems they run into in the meantime, is entirely up to you :)

The Game is everything one can imagine, a collection of skill, intelligence, knowledge and survival tests. In its crudest forms it could mean hand to hand combat, in more evolved forms it could look like chessgame played out for real. It leaves a large range of possibilities to our wild imaginations. Let's hear about your ideas :)


Don't hesitate going back to this memo once in a while :)

What we write from now on are things we're going to have to live with for a long time. The whole of our subplots will have to be consistent.

The suspicion that anyone possesses the secret to intergalactic drive and even more, would lead to a savage hunt, so the crew had better shut up about it (or our game will become just another wargame).

Space is a darn big place. Think big. There's a lot more about a planet than the one spot our chars beam down to. We can't describe it all but we can give a feeling the rest is there.

Same goes for the whole concept. The universe is made of countless galaxies, each galaxy of trillions of stars. Just one galaxy would have thousands upon thousands of civilizations at various stages of development - and one Empire encompassed a galaxy and most of the neighbouring ones Let's not lose the sense of wonder, of awe. The Liberty is not just lost in space there. She's completey, utterly, totally LOST AND CLUELESS. That's why the Game is the best opportunity to get on top of the situation.

We're not limited by an episode time-frame. Our chars or NPCs could be separated and get to live very different things for RL weeks if we fancy so. Maybe someone will decide to settle on a world - you can then imagine a whole civilization, etc. - and have to join the group later (or not in the case of NPCs).

We're not limited by our chars. Admittedly we'll feel more involved when writing for them and it gives us an angle, but NPCs are there for everybody to use and more can be created as we go, either crewmen or people met on the way.

Sit down for a moment to think about what it could be to be a denizen of the average world in such a frame. It helps :)

Interaction is a wonderful thing. So is follow up :)

The Liberty is not about posting at all costs. But since we're only human, and a few, if nothing comes through the mail box regularly while we think "oh, I've got a whole month...", we'll lose interest, RL will crop up on posting day, etc.

Let's not walk into that pitfall again. There's a player waiting in the wings at all times - we need to look good to make them play with us, too :-) One long, well thought out post can be alternated with a shorter one about some NPC. We're 4, soon to be 5, perhaps 6. With me posting every week, it should mean at least two posts a week on the list. :)

Welcome to the Galaxy Game!!

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