USS Liberty


PROLOGUE: PARTHES (October 2001)

Upon completing the upgrade of the Parthes Shipyards, CO Cdr Romanelle Podhigar meets with VAdm TíPrek, new sector commandant on an inspection tour. Almost ready to give up her commission, Romanelle Podhigar is instead promoted to Captain and given one of the ships just out of the shipyards: the Nebula class (uprated) USS Liberty.

The ship bids Parthes goodbye and heads for her new port of call, SB 782, to gather the rest of her crew and learn all about her new mission.

The Farlands are a sector located along the galactic fringe of the Alpha quadrant. Few Starfleet ships beyond a few cartography missions have ever crossed it. Along with the USS Endymion and the USS Kamlun, the USS Liberty is to explore, make scientific surveys, establish diplomatic contact with warp capable civilizations, and tour the few independent colonies set up there by former Federation citizens. The ship will pave the way for a future Federation expansion wave, cataloguing worlds suitable to establish new colonies and the best locations for a Federation starbase in the sector.


The very first mission of the USS Liberty, however, is to be one of medical assistance and diplomacy. On the planet Truz, one of the few worlds known to Starfleet in the Farlands and the nearest to Starbase 782, a strange outbreak of suicides and violence is pulling this highly evolved and pacifist civilization of telepaths apart. The USS Liberty begins with retrieving the Federation team of scientists that the Truzons had reluctantly accepted as observers. After some diplomatic dealings, made difficult by the Truzons isolationist attitude and their refusal to use spoken language, Truz accepts Federation help. Thanks to the Scientific department and the Counsellor, the investigation yields a culprit in the form of the Academy Dean and Covenant High Master Arel. The covert use of telepathic devices to mindfeed respect of the Covenant to the population has gravely misfired due to interferences brought on by the difficult environment of the whole solar system. The High Master nonetheless chose to carry on in the hope that the Federation observersís influence would appear to be the main factor, thus furthering her plans to have Truz refuse any form of contact with alien beings for generations to come.

INTERMISSION: YED (December 2001)

Still carrying a load of rather unhappy civilian scientists, the USS Liberty spends some time in orbit of the ice age frozen Yed. Some much needed shoreleave time for the crew is in order, and the ship celebrates both Hanukah and Christmas. A surprise awaits the crew as some friendly animals with a love for a good game turn out to have weak telekinetic capacities. This puts Yed on the list of planets to be observed but not colonized, since a few thousand years of evolution might turn the funny creatures into sentient beings.


Salina is a planet harbouring former Federation citizens who chose over half a century ago to resettle outside Federation borders, in the Farlands. While the Liberty is en route to their world in order to make diplomatic openings, a formation of four ships is spotted that could match reports of Pirate activity in the Federation. While two pilots are dispatched for long range surveillance and tracking, the Liberty reaches her destination.

Salina appears to be an underdeveloped colony in the throes of civil war. After meeting with the shifty Governor Motcham, Captain Podhigar becomes convinced that something is afoot. When several members of the Away Team are abducted by the Free Salina rebels, she initiates contact with their leader Tre and the puzzle comes together. Motcham called to the Pirates in order to drive out an alien race about to enslave their colony. The Pirates remained and turned one of the moon into a hiding hole, forcefully drawing workers from the planet to help processing salvaged ship's parts and equipment. While their leader, Olander has gone on a new rampage, his Second in Command Orkon has been left behind and is scheming to overthrow him with some help from the Governor's wife Octavia. Unbeknownst to all including Motcham, Olivia has her own agenda - revenge over Orkon, whom she feigns to help so his fall can be worthy of her grief. The only reason why Orkon hasn't reacted to the Liberty's presence yet is the necessity to hide the location of their base of operations from Starfleet.

Podhigar is caught between a rock and a hard place. Federation rules dictate she should not intervene in Salina's affairs if the weak Governor doesn't ask, and the Liberty can't enforce Federation grievances in a battle against the three remaining Pirate ships. The situation comes to a climax when it appears that Olander's four ships have turned back, Olivia and Orkon's scheme to sabotage their ships having failed. The Liberty then challenges Orkon's ships hidden within the moonbase, technically non-Salinian territory, into attacking them at long last and runs right into Olander's path.

Olander destroys Orkon and his followers but spares the Liberty to seek final vengeance over Olivia Motcham. The moon stronghold now discovered by Starfleet and held by the Rebels, Olander's last action is to destroy the shuttle transporting Octavia, as she flees after murdering her husband.

The new government accepts diplomatic contact with the Federation and releases to them slave children bought back from the Pirates, so that they can be returned to their Federation-based families.


The crew shoreleaves on merchant station Eluvar. Partly thanks to Yeoman Calin's brash behaviour, Captain Podhigar meets with a shadowy diplomat who has a bargain to offer: to help him restore his ancestral name and cast in exchange for more information on the whereabouts of some abducted Salinians.


She was built centuries ago to be the luxury liner to awe generations to come... and yet, the biggest ship of her generation disappeared on her maiden voyage with passengers and crew. Since then, the Ma'han has haunted imaginations throughout the Farlands. The USS Liberty helps a descendant of a fallen cast of ship builders to find her again. To get hold of her proves to be another matter as a strange phenomenon sends the away teams back and forth in time. Only Yeoman Calin will catch a glimpse of the Ma'han's former glory, before all away teams are brought back and astral eddies once again remove the fabulous ship from their grasp. Just as she was meant to be, the Ma'han shall remain the stuff of legends.

Meanwhile and thanks to the background work done by the USS Liberty, USS Hope and USS Kamlun, a treaty has been concluded between the Federation and Farlands's representatives. The ship takes the long way home to Starbase 782.

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