USS Liberty


CHAPTER I: ENDIM V (January - March 2004)

The SS Amaric, a freighter, is badly damaged while crossing through solar system Y201-A. Part of the passengers have launched escape pods that have landed on a nearby planet populated by a primitive culture. With their subspace communications apparently offline, a Federation probe orbiting the planet was the only thing to catch their distress call. When it is relayed to SB 782, the USS Liberty is sent to provide assistance and avoid cultural contamination.

Her first task is to rescue the SS Amaric, now dangerously close to the sun. This is the last chance for what crew couldn't make it to escape pods. Once the SS Amaric has been tugged to safety, Cdr Sharpe leads an away team aboard to bring help to the crew and, if possible, to salvage the ship.

The survey probe (from its orbit) recorded trajectories for some 6 pods that ended in a 100 miles perimeter around the main oasis on Endim V. Two more burnt in the atmosphere. The status of the survivors is uncertain, but it is determined that they would head towards a semi active and well visible volcano. Ogd Abdeh, an oasis of life, stands at the entrance of the only safe passage through a mountain range, and at this time of the year, all tribes would be converging and going through the area, fleeing the winter season to seek warmer climes.

An away team parading as Endimons is transported to Endim V. Cdr Theran and a handful officers make a memorable encounter with an Endimon tribe en route for Ogd Abdeh. Dr Ramesh makes a momentous choice to rescue a heavily handicapped newborn left to Fate's mercy and has it transported aboard for treatment. Once the baby is saved, Captain Podhigar sends down Nurse Dubois to trick another tribe into adopting the child. Before anything comes from it, however, a lousy bargain attempted by one of the SS Amaric crew stranded on Endim V ends with terrifying repercussions. Phasers on overload dipped in the volcano's chimney provoke a minor eruption, setting of a major chain reaction along the mountain range that runs across the small planet.

Ogd Abdeh is destroyed. The Endim civilization is dying. The away team has to be evacuated in haste with the Amaric survivors. When it becomes obvious that the less than 300 hundred Endimons to survive don't stand a chance in a doomed biosphere, Captain Podhigar makes a heavy decision to have them transported aboard and sedated. Days later, the Endimons are delivered to the surface of a new planet in a nearby solar system and left to their own devices, totally ignorant of the USS Liberty's intervention.

The USS Liberty heads back for SB 782 on a summon from Commodore Farrell, so that Podhigar can face an enquiry on the circumstances surrounding what could lead to charges of a Prime Directive "Level 1" breach.

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Back at SB 782, Captain Podhigar faces a board of enquiry led by Commodore Farrell on her decision to beam 300 survivors of a dying prewarp civilization aboard the USS Liberty and to relocate them on another planet. Her unexpected reading of the Prime Directive over borderline situations and universal responsibility wins the day. However, in what amounts to a Starfleet political feat, she learns that she will indeed lose her command and the USS Liberty - and be given another.

The new assignment as CO of the USS Leviathan and head of a small science taskforce will lead her far away from SB 782, exploring the Great Rift for a three year, deep space mission. This is a time for ends and new beginnings. The crew make their decisions about transfers and reassignements, some electing to apply for the Great Rift task force, others being given a chance to go home.

Where did they go thereafter? Read the Finale posts to find out!

  • Capt. Podhigar, CO
  • also featuring
    Cdr Theran, XO - Cdr Hans Dreyer, Chief Ops - Cdr Mandy Ryan Chekov, CSO
    Cdr Sandy Browne, SB Counsellor - Lt Robert Atlan, former Ship Counsellor
  • Cdr Sharpe, SO and CEO

  • Yeoman Calin
  • Lt Makui Karraka-Betar, Chief Conn

  • Lt Sertak, ACOS

  • Crewman Tomak Betar, Security

  • Lt Cdr Vishaka Ramesh, CMO

  • Ens. Pomme Dubois, Nurse

  • Ensign Durek, Science Officer

  • June Craig, Bar Manager, Diplomatic Attaché

  • Baraq, bartender

  • Coren MacKnight, guest player, former CMO