USS Liberty


INTERMISSION: SB 782 (May 2002)



Captain Podhigar is given a choice between two missions, and will live to regret her decision. The USS Liberty swaps its Science Pod for a Colony one and takes aboard several hundreds of colonists. After a few weeks of uncomfortable cohabitation, the ship arrives in orbit of their new home. It soon appears that the delay the colonists suffered could be a reason justifying quick and heavy terraformation led with the help of the ship's phasers. Not all colonists agree with the Administrator's assessment and tensions rise high on the planet while Podhigar and the Senior staff try to work out a compromise, in order to avoid disrupting the delicate ecosystem of the giant forests on the planet.

Things get even worse when several witnesses, including Podhigar herself, spot what might be a sentient indigenous life form escaping all means of detection. Eventually, the overreaching Administrator has to be relieved of his functions, and the indigenous life form proves to be the real aspect of some of the colonists, led by a long habit of persecution to hide their curious powers from all. The first phase thus ends in a Spring festival where colonists and crew join to celebrate their arrival at long last.


This shoreleave has been something very special, as the crewmembers went each their way and found themselves telling or being told stories, some of the past, some of their families and friends. Several players revelled in this opportunity for choosing their own themes. It made for some excellent storytelling (link below). Enjoy!

CHAPTER II: PUZZLE (September 2002)

Captain Podhigar is suspected to be responsible for the disappearance, maybe even the murder, of former life companion Jack Lawson. While the investigation seems to turn into a conspiracy to accuse her of collaborating with a slave trade, the crew sets on finding the real answers. The investigation reveals that a very much alive Jack Lawson set up Romanelle as a revenge for sending him to jail 20 years ago. But as Jack is eventually murdered for good, Romanelle unravels a mysterious traffic of stones from Velosia's Intelligence protected research center. At the last moment, she calls off a plan to arrest Jack's murderer that could have cost her pips and ship and leaves local Security to finish the work. Wounds from the past seem partly healed, and the crew comes out of the whole adventure stronger than ever.


The USS Liberty crew thought it was done with the Farlands, but another ship didn't make it to SB 782. Sent to investigate in the Passage, the almost starless expanse separating the last Federation border from the galactical arm, the ship is soon invested by its most potent enemy so far...

The Plant was conceived thousands of years ago as a weapon whose seeds, once attached to a starship, could bring its end. Confronted to a now intelligent vegetal life form who wants to go home, the USS Liberty has no choice but to lead "it" there. All they find however is traces of the long extinct Plant's makers, victims of their own weapons. The Plant chooses to settle down on the planet and leaves the USS Liberty free to go.


The USS Liberty is not done with the Passage yet. As a service to a fellow Captain, Podhigar accepts the mission to meet the Wheelers, a Farlands nomadic people and travelling fair set up on an asteroid. Before the ship can help the asteroid gather enough speed to be on its way again, many things happen... A slightly unusual Christmas celebration for the crew.

CHAPTER IV: DESCENT (January - February 2003)

On a background of conflicting interests over a dilithium rich planet, the USS Liberty is sent to ascertain whether the Centaurs are animals or devolved descendants of the race that once spread across the Sapiri system. (upcoming summary)

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