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The USS Liberty comes back from the Sapiri mission with one shuttle less and 82 guests in her brigs. On Starbase 782, an unsuspecting Podhigar goes to report to Commodore Farrell (npc) and is introduced to Commdore Billheimer, Advisor for Tango Fleet's Divison 2. SB 782, the area of space it is responsible for and all vessels attached are now part of Tango Fleet. For as much, the USS Liberty will continue its mission of exploring the galactic border of the Federation and the starless gap that separates it from the Farlands, ensuring further diplomatic contact and Starfleet presence as she goes. If the news bring joy to all, shoreleave doesn't look too good for Captain Podhigar, who finds herself buried under the ensuing paperwork! A ceremony takes place in the Grand Hall to celebrate.

CHAPTER I: BROTHERS IN ARMS (March - April 2003)

Just having developed warpdrive, the all pacific Snaab have sent a small ship to scout neighbouring solar systems seeking contact with other sentient species, "Brothers". On the Komelok's small world, nobody has ever heard about space travel or even dreamt of intelligent life on other worlds... and the Snaab's away team goes missing while, unbeknownst to all, the Rockies prepare to challenge the overbearing Empire into war. Caught outside Federation borders between the all to clear Prime Directive and the obligation to assist fellow spacefaring sentients in distress, the USS Liberty must find an answer to the conundrum - and make it work.

The USS Liberty breaks away from a mission of scientific observation to answer the distress call of the Snaab ship and her one remaining crewmember. On the planet, the Snaab have lost all contact with the mother ship over a crash-landing and left their damaged shuttle behind to initiate contact with the Komeloks. One is hunted down and shot while the rest of them scatter in a panic and seek shelter. The late Nenah is eventually brought to the Palace, and the Empire Chief Scientist Amaan, together with his assistant Tevera, start considering the mindboggling possibility of non humanoid, alien life forms come from space.

After Gananeh is transported to Sickbay and h/er/is ship is back to a safe orbit, a time of observation starts. While the Captain ponders the necessity for an intervention, the crew looks for the missing shuttle and eavesdrop on communications for clues. When it appears that the Komolok Empire is sending armed patrols looking for bizarre creatures, two away teams are sent in disguise. Ironically, the USS Liberty is then forced to move out of transporter range in order to avoid being detected by telescope observation.

Under Lt Cdr Sharpe's command, Team 1's objective is either to repair the damaged Snaab shuttlecraft now lying at the bottom of a lake, or to manage for it to be destroyed safely, all the while avoiding the attention of the Komelok patrols. As military activity increases in the area and a war breaks out, all thoughts of destroying the shuttlecraft are forgotten and the team works hard on making it spaceworthy again.

Under Lt Cdr McKnight's command, Team 2 sets off to locate and extract the four missing Snaab. Chief of Security Cromwell is captured and soon found out to be an alien. He is brought for interrogation to the Empress and her scientists. The rest of the team manages to locate and bring one Snaab back to the shuttle. As the war breaks out, Cromwell uses a ruthless aerial attack on the Palace to escape together with the two scientists and the body. The USS Liberty's conn officer computes a difficult strategy for the ship to get back into transporter range. When Cromwell meets up with Team 2, looking for him, all beam up to the ship.

Meanwhile, in the face of the escalating conflict, Team 1 has sent its own shuttle to locate the last two Snaab. All make it back aboard the USS Liberty safe and sound and the Snaab shuttle manages to leave Komolok undetected.

If all proof as to the extraordinary origins of Nenah and Cromwell was destroyed together with the palace, the story doesn't end so easily for the two Komelok scientists, whose memories McKnight is unable to erase safely. Podhigar tricks the more open minded Amaan into following the Snaab as they return to their homeworld, as a reparation for a First contact gone wrong. Tevera, on her side, proves unable to adjust to the prospect a life among aliens and prefers the devil she knows. Given a new appearance and a new name to protect her from enquiries and the Empress's wrath, she is returned to Komelok to face uncertain destiny among her own divided kind.


The new CSO Lt Clara Muller (npc) convinces Podhigar to give her nine days out of an already difficult schedule to study Yaladin, and puts her team to work to record as much as possible of the planetoid's unique biosphere before it breaks free of the solar system forever. Meanwhile it seems to be all about words and names for the Uss Liberty crew as they enjoy shoreleave.

Bar manager June Craig breaks up with EM2 McLeod in her inimitable style shortly before Security Officer Sertak resorts to jokes and riddles to renew their previous relationship. Meanwhile, a not-so-well-meaning Engineer sends invitations in the name of MacLeod to a selection of women. The list includes Captain Podhigar, who enjoys a bit of a joke at his expense but doesn't take any further action. Later on, she writes CEO Hans Dreyer a message to reveal a long hidden fact of her past. Later on she digs out Pan, the child advanced therapeutic program that helped her learning to speak at age 5.

The new crew does some lively socializing over a drink at the Galactic Halo. A naming ceremony takes place on a holodeck for Conn officer Makui and Bartender Tomak Betar's newborn, who receives the name of Moel, made up in part after Podhigar's own first name. The new ACMO Dr Sean Skye gets to chase around Sickbay Dr Vel's pet bat and finally leaves the EMH to it. The former CMO Lt Cdr McKnight, now returned to his research at long last, gets drunk in company of Lt Skye to celebrate dropping his officer title. On his side, Second Officer Lt Cdr Roman Carter approaches the new Chief Diplomatic Officer, Lt Nathalie Brandis, to ask for some administrative help getting his family name and that of his young sister Trinna to match.

The Engineering department gets busy converting several rooms into offices for NCOs and Quartermaster Stewart ventures into his new territory. The Science department is the least lucky of all... Lt (jg) Jake Cromwell knows how to have a good time while working though and leads his team at high speed down the frozen slopes. Ops officer Valora Hardy commits Yaladin to memory on a painting canvas, the moment sparkling a personal comment from COS Robert Cromwell. Even CSO Lt Clara Muller takes some time off to go playing cello in the caverns under the surface, a one time performance to celebrate Yaladin's last Springtime.

Deep into the computer core, something is growing that doesn't have a name yet...

CHAPTER II: LIBBY (June 2003 - Double mission)

Lt Einhaus and a team are delegated aboard the Uss Liberty as computer specialists to examine the possibility that a spy virus was placed in her systems. Owing to some peculiarities of the ship, the original program mutates and quickly endeavours to take over the ship, while presenting itself to members of the crew as a little holographic girl called Libby. Ops and Engineering crew scramble over the whole ship to try and stall its progress, to little avail.

Heated considerations follow among the Senior Staff about Libby's possible sentience. Einhaus, a disbeliever and a focus for Libby's aggressivity, survives an attack. A short-lived truce is reached when Podhigar finally meets Libby in the holodeck. Podhigar however is horrified to realize that Libby is trying to incarnate into a juvenile clone of herself obtained by tweaking transporter data.

Einhaus convinces her that no negotiations can take place with someone or something bargaining with the crew lives. Podhigar authorizes an ultimate plan whose main features comprise a complete disconnection of all ship's systems from the computer core and emergency evacuation of the crew. Pan, an old cyberdomestic program meant to watch over, teach and protect, is unleashed on Libby. Down in Engineering, the CEO and Carter force the emergency shutdown of the ship's systems in order to activate a minimal relay backup. Einhaus and his team race against time to retrieve a series of data units from the computer core.

Pan turns out, not only to have destroyed Libby but to have absorbed some of the processes that had allowed her to exist in the first place. It makes no difficulty however in retreating from the ship's systems. The Liberty retrieves her crew and, having finally received the distress call coming from the Away Team, speeds to the rescue.

CHAPTER IIb: CHAINS OF THE PAST (June 2003 - Double mission)

Unaware of how badly the situation is developing on the USS Liberty, Lt Cdr Sharpe proceeds with a scientific mission on the Verne. With Karraka piloting, Jake Cromwell for science observations, Robert Cromwell for Security, Sean Skye as Medical personnel and finally MacLeod to watch over the runabout systems, they survive rather close cohabitation for the sake of observing space-based creatures believed to dwell most of the time at the fringe of the galaxy.

A Daegan ship however intercepts the runabout after only a few days. Well known to Karraka through tales of piracy and slavery heard from fellow Akari, they prove true to their reputation. The Away Team is put to hard labour on their ship. Karraka manages to pull through interrogation, but not without having released vital information on her own planet's location. Sharpe fares a lot worse on "The Chair". Jake Cromwell is put to work in Sickbay, Robert Cromwell fights for his life as a sparring partner, while EM MacLeod takes any chance to work on the control collars they all wear.

By the time the Uss Liberty comes to the rescue, the Away Team is already halfway though organizing their own escape, together with the rest of the slaves. The Daegan ship engages the Liberty despite warnings and is defeated. The Away Team is finally collected and the ship makes way to SB 782. Sadly enough, the ship's XO Lt Cdr Sharpe has sustained heavy neurological damage and his fate is uncertain.


After the chaotic events in the previous mission, the USS Liberty is back to SB 782 [np] for shoreleave. First officer Nick Sharpe is transfered to the Starbase's Medical department with hopes he can some day recover from the abuse he endured. Nurse Pomme Dubois (npc) elects to stay with him on personal grounds. Second officer Carter accepts to replace Sharpe as XO. CSO Muller (npc) is reassigned for indepth research on the rouge planet the Liberty discovered on a previous mission.

Ryan Bones manages to unleash a Disco plague over the ship's speakers but Doc Einhaus turns out to be just as skilled and have quite different musical tastes... (Fortunately) most of the crew is enjoying shoreleave time on the starbase or pink planet Velosia.

This is where Capt Podhigar meets with Capt Ellis from the USS Zealandia. Other crewmembers from both ships are introduced to each other in a variety of circumstances. Meanwhile Dr Connley, a new medical officer, gets to help babysit Carter's sister and her friend. On Velosia, Carter, Connley and the kids meet up and interact with the USS Zealandia's CMO, Doctor Shamus Towill, and his two kids. Peter Jansen, a new science officer who has been waiting several weeks for the ship to arrive, gets acquainted with Doc Einhaus (CSO) over dinner.

The shoreleave ends with a promotion and award ceremony held aboard a replica of the ancient shooner S.V. Sea Shell. While a fireworks over Fabiola Island and its giant amusement park is supposed to be the highlight of the evening, nothing will turn out quite as expected...

CHAPTER III: TIME'S PAWNS (August 2003 - September 2003)

During the awards and promotions ceremony on the Sea Shell, the vessel is tossed and thrown by what can only be described as a massive flash. When things finally settle, the crew on the Sea Shell come to find themselves in the middle of nowhere, floating on the ocean and far from any landmasses they had been near before. They soon discover that although communication equipment is functional, they are out of contact with everyone. Worse, some have perished in the accident.

The crew tired, hurt and lost, work to learn of their fate, trying to find out where they are and how far from land they've been thrown. After days on the ocean weathering storms and giant sea creatures the crew, with the help of the science staff, discover that they and the Sea Shell have been tossed backwards roughly 200,000 years in the past of Velosia. With supplies, and hope, running low, the crew eventually make their way to land where they are faced with even more peril. The local fauna seem to be running from something and, those that aren't, threaten the group on occasion. The Sea Shell is salvaged for anything that may be useful and, soon, the crew is making their way inland.

One big surprise falls into the crew's laps. Doctor Sean Skye, thought not to be aboard during the ceremony, had actually been transported to the ship just prior to the incident and directly washed overboard by the ensuing storm. He managed to survive and, by sheer luck, found his way back to his fellow crewmates. On a not so good note, however, Doctor Ramesh's(NPC) observations - and knowledge of Velosian history - lead the others to learn that the planet is on the brink of enduring the Great Flood that turned Velosia into the island specked, mostly water planet it is in the future (present to us).

With material salvaged from the shooner, they contrive to built a balloon to carry them all towards the nearest safe spot, halfway across the continent. After an uneasy journey, they find refuge on a mountain only days before the third moon breaks apart and all hell breaks lose. The survivors endure through the flood, only to find themselves surrounded by muddy waters under darkened skies. Morale gets low and tensions surface, but still they come up with more solutions to buy themselves yet a new lease of hope. In this atmosphere, telepaths, empaths and non telepaths join forces in a unique attempt to broadcast a telepathic mayday thoughout their sector of space.

A ship the size of a city finally appears. Before the survivors can think "friends or foes", they are teleported aboard. Seconds later, they are met by the Starfleet Security forces guarding the same alien artefact - that has been lying on Velosian sea floor for 200 000. Finally come home in the XXIVth century, the crew learns that the highly classified artefact, under study for the past decade, is believed to have been responsible for their temporal displacement. After medical care has been handed and they have been duly interrogated, the survivors are sworn to secrecy and returned to their lives.

Nothing is too quiet on the USS Liberty front however. Only one month has passed in the XXIVth century, but Bar Manager June Craig finds the Halo has been entirely redecorated. Capt Podhigar faces much the same situation in her quarters, now to be shared by a unilateral decision of her long time companion, CEO Dreyer. Last but certainly not least, the ship's First Officer, Commander Roman Carter, is offered the position of Commanding Officer on Tango Fleet Academy's facility, Starbase Tango. Crew and friends come together to celebrate his promotion.


[Note on the alien artefact: The city ship is an automated construct meant to evaluate and guide "primitive" civilisations stemming from remote galaxies until they are ready to face the intergalactic playground. Although the crew of the USS Liberty will occasionnally be involved in the first tentative steps of the evolution planned for their descendants, it will be thousands of years before this Advanced Surveyor surrenders its secrets and goes home. The artefact will be a recurring "gateway", allowing us to step out of our own time, dimension and galaxy.]


Nothing is too quiet on the USS Liberty front however. Only one month has passed in the XXIVth century, but Bar Manager June Craig finds the Halo has been entirely redecorated. Capt Podhigar faces much the same situation in her quarters, now to be shared by a unilateral decision of her long time companion, CEO Dreyer. Last but certainly not least, the ship's First Officer, Commander Roman Carter, is offered the position of Commanding Officer on Tango Fleet Academy's facility, Starbase Tango. Crew and friends come together to celebrate his promotion.

MISSION - CODE: RED (November 2003)

Within a couple days of the SS Medusa's arrival in orbit of Ferron, a plague broke out. The Uss Liberty is sent to carry the medical supplies over, assist with medical research and try and rescue the crew of the SS Medusa. The ship has been brought down by the Ferronians and the crew kept hostages under an accusation of terrorism. The Liberty also must determine if the plague is the result of a deliberate sabotage by would be Federation allies,the Eukan, in order to wipe the Ferronians out of the galactic map and compromise a treaty under negotiation with neighbouring powers. Away Teams are sent down under heavy safety procedures in order to deliver biobed, give medical assistance and investigate the situation. When the Ferronians finally allows them access the the grounded SS Medusa and her crew, the irate Captain Achylla Goth tries taking them hostage in order to force a beam out aboard the Liberty. The plan is short lived, and the away team regains control as the Captain herself falls prey to the disease. After long investigations among the reluctant Ferronians, Lt Makui Karraka Betar and her team discover a hidden transmitter. A Ferronian guard trying to flee after the discovery is stopped by the Chief of Security. The guard is really an Eukanian sent by the "mother race" to kill two birds with one stone: dispose of the Ferronian separatist group and their colony, and put the blame on the Federation, thus ensuring that the treaty comprimising their future plans of conquest would never be signed. Dr Ramesh and Dr Connley, on their side, find out that the guard has been made immune to the Melis disease. They are finally able to synthetize a cure. Miss Craig helps the Uss Medusa's Captain with a juicy bargain that will give them not only a new ship, but exclusive trade rights, thus avoiding a diplomatic incident over the destruction of the Medusa. The Uss Liberty repairs to SB 782 for much needed resupplying.


At the end of last misson, the Uss Liberty repaired to SB 782 for much needed resupplying. This also marked the beginning of shoreleave time for the crew. One of the highlights of this time is the sudden wedding of June Craig (Bar manager) with Lt Sertak (Security officer), during a quiet ceremony held on the holodeck. Another is the return aboard as COE of Cdr Nick Sharpe, who had suffered neurological damage on a previous mission - and who else but Nurse Pomme Dubois in tow. Although physically fit, Sharpe is not ready yet to commit to the advancement of his career, but he walks out from his interview with Capt Podhigar the 2nd officer once again. Ensign Sereith Cha'Jo'Rek and Logan Poe arrive from Starbase Tango to join the crew, and two Ferengis step aboard: Baraq the bartender, and acting Ensign Durek for the Science Dept. Following signs of delayed trauma stemming from a previous mission, "Doc" Einhaus, CSO, seeks counselling on the starbase with the help of Sandy Browne. After an explosive session, he is granted his wish to go home. As XO Sean Skye, former CMO, is pulled away on a forced LOA to solve a legal connundrum regarding his recently adopted son, Podhigar must choose a temporary replacement and finally picks up Commander Theran. The difficult choice may well prove even more momentous than the Captain would imagine: Theran was, in a timeline since ended and that none of them remembers, the XO of the Ambassador class Uss Liberty. Is history circling back... and to what end? Shoreleave bliss turns short as the Uss Liberty is called away on an emergency. The ship leaves in a hurry to the rescue of a damaged freighter and its survivors, stranded on a planet amongst a primitive culture. Unbeknowst yet to Captain Podhigar, a message is on its way to pull forces in the sector out of Tango Fleet.

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