USS Liberty


October 2001
Author : June Craig
Date : 14/10/2001

ON : The White Dragon II

== Station Parthes ; White Dragon ==

*To mark the fact that the night was getting on, the lights had been subdued, giving a cosy atmosphere to the place. The soft notes of a piano played in the background, increased that feeling. It was also that time of the "day" where employees were spending more time cleaning up behind the customers than actually serving them. And it was no exception for June Craig, at the bar, listening to one of her most regular clients.*

Dayton (npc) : *Drunken tone.* So... A Firagi, I mean... a Ferengi walks into a bar and slips over on a pile of s***. Minutes later... a.. a huuuuuuge Klingon, a very huuge one, walks into the same baaar and slips over on the pile of s***. And then, the Ferrrrengi says to the Klingoon : "I just did thaat", and the Klin... Klngoon punches the Frngiiii's lights out. *Giggling like mad.*

*Craig smiled to him. She had probably heard it 20 times so far this week, and she was now totally immune to it. Not even finding it irritating or boring. Then she went to another client, whom she had just heard enter. When she recognised who it was, she took a black mug, on which appeared a logo of the station, from under the bar.*

Craig : Black coffee, as usual, Captain?

Podhigar : Famous last words, eh?

Craig : *Pouring the coffee.* I wish it was the case. I'll probably have to listen to a dozen more confessions or jokes before my shift is over. And you know me, I seldom keep my comments for myself.

Podhigar : *Smiling, as she recalls a few incidents that had occurred in this restaurant, with Craig.* Perhaps you should change shift? Take the morning one?

Craig : *Sighing.* Or I should change my life... You seriously don't imagine me serving tea and croissants, Captain??

Podhigar : Hum... I must admit, it would be quite a sight... But I could have the solution you need, Ms Craig.

Dayton (npc) : *Sat a few bar stools away from Podhigar.* Hey Barkeeeeeeeeep!!!

Craig : *Without moving, and raising her voice.* Yes, Client???

Dayton (npc) : Er... Nothing... I think it's time for me to... pffft... vanish.

Craig : *Softer tone.* That's what I thought. *Returning her attention to Podhigar.* So, Captain, you have a solution for Ms Craig?

Podhigar : *Amused.* Would you be interested in a position on the USS Liberty? They need a hostess for their Lounge.

Craig : *A lump in her throat, as she remembers her past on a few Starfleet Ships.* You know I'd jump on any opportunity!! Just tell me where it's docked, and I'll bribe the Captain!! *Smile.*

Podhigar : The Captain is in front of you.

Craig : You?... *Overcoming her surprise.* So, how much do you want? I can beg, sing, and tap-dance.

Podhigar : You're tired June... And besides, all this would only give me nightmares... No, I want the promise that you will behave yourself. No fighting, no drink contests, no changing the Lounge into a casino, no leaving your position without informing anyone, and no upsetting the customers! There are probably many other things I can't think of. But you get the picture. Do we have a deal?

Craig : *As the two women shook hands.* Deal Captain!

Podhigar : Good. Come to my office tomorrow at 08.00. *Almost seeing a look of horror on June's face.* Well, ok... let's make it 10.00.


June Craig (Owned NPC)
Bar Manager
USS Liberty

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