USS Liberty


Every quarter, the command staff is pleased to reward individual efforts and qualities poured into this collective endeavour called the USS Liberty. All awards thus handed are listed on the characters's biographies*.


POM: Award handed by the crew. The XO may strike the vote if the nominee has not voted, while being currently active. In case of insufficient participation (less than half the active players as counted on on closure day - including command staff but minus newcomers), the CO & XO will jointly award the POM.
Commendation: Encouragement to players whose efforts have been noted.
Medal of Truth: (To Thyne Own Self Be True...): The player portrayed his/her char. well, giving good insight as to their personality and motivations; and / or displayed talent in using other characters aboard the ship.

This award for characterization can be extended to the portrayal of ship's life and the representation of the USS Liberty herself, since the ship is to be considered a major character of the game.
Medal of Unity: (E pluribus unum... From the many, comes one): The player interracted well and frequently with other characters; made new players feel welcome; gave other players openings and opportunities to get involved; consistently followed up whenever s/he was involved by another player.
Medal of Honour: Regardless of his/her position, the achiever has contributed in developing missions along set plotlines and given accurate accounts of his/her department's duties. Generally speaking, the player has contributed to the quality of the mission(s) and shoreleave(s).


Ribbons : - Duty Ribbon: number of posts 125% (16 posts over 13 weeks, JP count for half a post) - Merit Ribbon: number of posts 150% (19 posts over 13 weeks) - Dedication Ribbon: number of posts 175% (22 posts over 13 weeks) - Honour Ribbon: number of posts 200 % (26 posts over 13 weeks)
Comets: - Bronze Comet: for three months of continuous presence in the game (handed at the next closest award time following the anniversary)
- Silver Comet: six months
- Gold Comet: nine months
- Latinum Comet : one year
- Nova: two years
- Supernova: three years
McCoy Award: "He's dead, Jim". He didn't always have that much screen time and few episodes truly developed the character. Some cast biographies barely mention him. And yet he was definitely the third Musketeer in the series. We rely on a handful of NPCs who for some have come to be much valued, developed and posted for by their owner. Provided that a balance is kept with the player's PC, and that this PC's place on the ship is never neglected during missions, this amounts to extra ship duty. This award qualifies both as "ingame" and "offgame".
Citation of Merit: Life is never linear and we are not always able to participate to all missions and shoreleaves with the same dedication throughout a quarter. If a player's contribution was of particular note over a mission and/or shoreleave, it will be aknowledged through this award.
Legion of Honour: Players come and go. Bringing in new crew and breaking them in when needed is what keeps a ship going. The achiever has gone above and beyond his/her duties as a player by participating in this crucial aspect of a ship's life.
Liberty Cluster: The achiever has gone above and beyond his/her duties as a player by participating in off game aspects of the ship's life, such as contributing material, creating and / or maintaining parts of the website, handling various ship and crew matters (with approval of the CO/XO).
Liberty Star: For dedication and excellence. This award is the highest on the USS Liberty and won't be gained easily. To help with the evaluation, all players having gathered a total of 2000 points will be considered; S/he will then be reviewed by the CO and XO jointly for their sustained dedication to the ship and contribution to all areas of the game's life.


Although it is out of the question to rely on a system of "points per posts", a system exists so that nobody of good will ever gets left out (time of presence on the ship, posting over requirements...). All awards have a value in order to help define who may be elligible for the Liberty Star.

Point count towards the Liberty Star:
POM: [50] nb: [100] if the post got the majority of votes and votes were from all the crew active and present minus one. The CO may strike the vote if the nominee has not voted while currently active...
| Commendation: 50 | In Game Medals: 200 |
| Duty Ribbon: 50 | Merit Ribbon: 100 | Dedication Ribbon:150 | Honour Ribbon: 200 |
| Bronze Comet: 50 | Silver Comet 100 | Gold Comet 150 | Latinum Comet 200 |
| Other OFF Awards: 300 |


*From March to December 2003, the USS Liberty was part of Tango Fleet. Click on the following link for a complete list of commendations and their significance: Tango Fleet Commendations Database. Whenever such awards have been handed, they are specifically marked (TF) on the bios. Additionnally, awardees are listed on the TF commendations database.