USS Liberty



Quote above yours the post last received through the list (because you received it doesn't always mean everybody else did) and only that one, as some players have very little storage place on their email accounts.

The title of each post is up to players. By default, it is the mission title.

All players are required to post once a week. Please inform the command staff if you plan to be off line, off mail , etc. It's only common curtesy, as we don't need to keep waiting for characters to react if they won't come because you're away.

Lack of posting for over a month, unless explained to the CO/XO, would result in final removal from the list.


If a character is portrayed behaving in a manner unbefitting their Starfleet uniform, they will have to deal with the consequences. Repetitive, overly descriptive representation of violence and intimate situations is not allowed by our PG13 rating. It is a lot less limitative than it reads. If you want to do it, do it with style. :) If you are not sure, run your post by the CO/XO.

The USS Liberty will not discriminate based on religious or any personal preferences (players or characters). No flaming or abuse in any form shall be tolerated whenever topics such as abortion, weapon rights, death penalty and same-sex relationships are brought up ingame. Flaming or abuse would warrant anything from a warning, a notification to the Division Advisor and up to final exclusion of the game.

Don't look for us on the darkest side of Trek... or try to drag us there. Not to say we don't have our share of foul play and unsavoury NPCs but it wasn't a major feature in Gene Roddenberry's original concept and is therefore not a major feature on this RPG.

The USS Liberty does not have Marine personnel or Intelligence operatives aboard.


They say fun ought to be its own reward, but good players do a little bit more than just have fun. To begin with, they entertain us all! That's why a range of awards exists, to be considered every quarter on top of the Post of the Month awards. Promotions and awards are granted by the CO and XO jointly.


By joining the list, you are entrusted with a list of email addresses and a number of messengers IDs. These are not to be communicated outside the game without the person's knowledge or consent. As for chain mail (heartbreaking but fake accounts of disappeared children, golden opportunities, etc.), somewhere along the way someone WILL use them to forward viruses, cut paste the list of addies on top of whatever text they wish, spread spam or inconvenience providers. On our mailing list, forwarding chain mail would bring the roof on your heads. Forwarding chain mail privately to our mailboxes wouldn't make you any friends either.

Everybody using the mailing list is strongly encouraged to use antivirus software, even if it has to be a basic, free download. Don't forward the list virus warnings (most are hoaxes leading readers to delete computer system files). If you think your computer carries a virus, warn the CO who will choose a line of conduct.


The command staff comprises a Commanding Officer, a First Officer and a Second Officer. They oversee all crew matters as well as mission-related matters and hopefully remember to keep each other informed. *L*

Any problem arising between players or players and command staff is dealt with OFF LIST with the command staff, by emails being CCed accordingly. Other members of the Senior Staff (Department Heads and Counsellor) might be involved where relevant.

In extreme circumstances, should a player's behaviour make it unavoidable, the CO would revert to Game Manager and List Owner to make good use of the list's tools - it means anything from moderating posts to final removal from the mailing list and ship's manifest.


Joining the list means tacit acceptance of its rules. If you disagree and think it all gets in the way of your fun, we will understand. A list of resources can be provided to help you find an RPG better suited to your taste.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the USS LIBERTY RPG closed in 2004. This site is part of the MEMORY PRIME RPG REPOSITORY.
The GM and several players regrouped in 2006 and can be found at the USS AVALON RPG (update: september 2012)