Brandon Farrell

Basic Information

Name: Brandon Alexander Farrell
Nickname: Brand
Rank: Commodore
Gender: Male
Position: Commanding Officer
Age: 38
Race: Betazoid
Place of Birth: USS Wolfe
Homeworld: Earth
Date of Birth: June 9, 2340.

Physical Appearance

    Brandon is good looking, not the best looking man in the galaxy, but definitely above average. He is in outstanding physical condition as he makes a habit out of daily workouts. He is always clean-shaven. He is not extremely tall, but his stature is impressive.

Eyes: Gray
Hair: Blond
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs
Distinguishing Characteristics:  A scar from an exploding console splits his chin; he chose not to have it removed so as to
remember the mistake he made during combat.

Mental Health

    Brandon is highly intelligent (164 IQ). However, there is sometimes cause for concern as he has some very aggressive tendencies, probably due to his militaristic approach to things.

    He is a full Betazoid and thus has outstanding telepathic abilities.  He can sense what others are thinking, but will not use it against someone's will, unless it can aid his ship and her crew.

    He was once very uncomfortable around people who's minds he couldn't read (ie Ferengi), but has now become accustomed to it. He had to be taken off of active duty a few times in his early career because he couldn't deal with the stress caused by unreadable minds. His problem is now cured.


    Brandon is one of the most outgoing people one could ever come across.  He has great respect for the lives of his fellow crew members and will protect them from any enemy at any cost, including his own life. He expects others to risk their lives for the crew and he will lose respect for anyone who shows cowardice when faced with protecting the lives of family or friends.

    Brandon displays a genuine love for children and can often be found with a few following him around asking him to tell them stories about dragons, dwarves, and elves.

    He is very approachable and is good at giving advice. At one point he had considered becoming a Ship's Counselor, but decided there wasn't enough action for him.


    Brandon enjoys anything athletic, especially: swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, and team sports. He can often be found on the holodeck participating in the above activities.

    He likes to take target practice with his phaser on the holodeck.

    He has a natural love for aviation in all its forms.


    Alcohol. He can't stand the taste or what it does to people.

    Meat. Brandon is a vegetarian.

    People who show a lack of courage; his ideal friend is a Klingon.



    His telepathic abilities give him an advantage in diplomatic relations, although he was, before being promoted to the position of First Officer on the Saturn in 2375, rarely called on for help in diplomatic situations.

    He is one of the best pilots in the Federation, or the galaxy for that matter. His telepathic abilities give him an edge in battle as he can see what his enemies are going to do before they do it. He has quite a few stars painted on his helmet from enemy kills
during the Dominion War.

    Brandon has an ability to make friends like few others.


    He is not particularly good with women that he likes, as he tends to be shy, which some may laugh at because of his normal outgoing nature.

    Brandon is very impulsive and will often rush into the heat of battle without thinking of the danger he is putting himself into. However, some may consider this a strength as he rarely makes mistakes in battle because he is not thinking about the danger he is in.


Father: Commander Mika Farrell, retired - current Counselor for the Federation Council

Mother: Kari Farrell - Starfleet Vice Admiral, assigned to Starfleet Command for the past 26 years

Siblings: No biological siblings, but he and Lieutenant Deblickadlich, the Chief of Security aboard the Saturn, are as close as brothers.


    Brandon attended high school in San Francisco. He later attended Starfleet Academy, class of 2362, where he double-majored in piloting and command and minored in combat tactics.


    Born on June 9, 2340, Brandon Alexander Farrell was named accordingly. Brandon meaning "fighter" and Farrell meaning "brave"; his parents must have seen Brandon's destiny. Born on the USS Wolfe to two Starfleet career officers, his mother a Commanding Officer, his father a Counselor aboard the Wolfe. Brandon spent the early years of his life learning about starships
before he could even walk. His father taught him quickly how to communicate without words and good family friends, the
Jacobs, taught him a bit about humanity. He became an avid player of holo-sports with the children around him. He also started piloting mock shuttles in the holodeck, spending all of his free time in the shuttle bay studying ships, or with the security officers, learning of war, something which hadn't touched the Federation for some time. All of this in the first nine years of his life.

    About a month after his ninth birthday, Brandon's mother was promoted to the rank of Commodore and given a position in Starfleet Command on Earth. His mother graciously accepted the promotion and position. Brandon had to pack up and leave his home, but his parents assured him things would be just fine.

    Upon reaching Earth, Brandon finished his last couple of years in elementary school and then attended a high school which directly fed its students into Starfleet Academy. It was at Starfleet High School, in 2357, at the age of 17, that Brandon realized that his true goal was to become a fighter pilot. He expressed his wishes to his parents,who were proud that he could reach a decision, but really wanted him to join the naval ranks as a counselor. His parents attempted to get him into the psychology division of the Academy, but he would have none of it. Eventually his parents acquiesced and Brandon worked towards becoming a pilot.

    In the Academy he studied piloting, command, and combat tactics. He participated on many teams and in many academic clubs at the Academy, where he truly felt like he belonged. He graduated in 2362, receiving a commission as an ensign aboard the USS Democracy, a state-of-the-art Ambassador-Class ship.

    On board the Democracy, Brandon quickly learned that the Federation was not as safe as it once was. There was a constant threat of Borg incursion, the Cardassians and Romulans were restless, and the Klingons weren't always on good terms with the Federation. Being a CONN Officer put a lot of pressure on a young Brandon, as he had to get the ship out of a few sticky situations. On occasion there was almost open confrontation. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and the Commanding Officer of the Democracy always managed to come to a diplomatic solution.

    After a year on the Democracy, Brandon was offered a position as a shuttle pilot (his first love) aboard Starbase 375. He accepted and very little of interest happened. However, in 2366 his hard work was rewarded with a position change; Brandon would finally become a fighter pilot aboard the USS Caesar!

    In 2367 he was given the position of Defender Squadron Executive Officer on his mother's former ship, the USS Wolfe. He flew in many battles, especially later in his career when the Dominion War climaxed. It was in one of these battles where he received a scar on his chin when one of his fighter's panels blew up in his face after he was hit by a Dominion fighter that had used stealth to get beside him. He managed to come out of the situation alive, as he made an emergency landing on a nearby moon, but he decided to keep the scar as a reminder of his lack of concentration in battle.

    In 2371 he was raised to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and became the Commanding Officer of Defender Squadron, where he served through to the end of the Dominion War, constantly in battle, defending the Federation.  After the war ended in 2375, Brandon moved to the USS Saturn.

    The experience he garnered from being the Defender Squadron CO aboard the USS Wolfe solidified his experience and Starfleet was positive that he was ready to do well in a shipwide command position.  Brandon became the Saturn's Executive Officer, much to the chagrin of a quite a few members of the crew who had really loved the man who held the position previously, Lieutenant Commander Kan.  However, Brandon quickly established himself as an excellent Executive Officer and gained the respect of his crew.

    In 2376, the USS Saturn was attacked by raiders and destroyed on a return voyage to Starbase 375.  Commander Kal'Ven, the Commanding Officer, was reassigned and the rest of the crew returned to Earth to attend the christening of their new ship: the USS Saturn - A, a Galaxy X-Class Dreadnought.  Brandon was promoted to the rank of Commander and received a commission to serve as the Commanding Officer aboard the new Saturn.  Starfleet Command viewed Brandon's knowledge of battle an important asset for the Commanding Officer of one of the most powerful ships in the Alpha Quadrant.

    Brandon Farrell currently makes his home aboard the USS Saturn - A, where he serves as the Commanding Officer. He spent many years working up to a command position and he intends to work to his full potential so as to make captain as soon as possible.

Previous Assignments

2362 - 2365
USS Democracy
CONN Officer
2365 - 2366
Starbase 375
Lt (jg)
Shuttle Pilot
2366 - 2367
USS Caesar
Lt (jg)
Fighter Pilot
2367 - 2371
USS Wolfe
Defender Squadron Executive Officer
2371 - 2375
USS Wolfe
Lt Cdr
Defender Squadron Commanding Officer
2375 - 2376
USS Saturn
Lt Cdr
Executive Officer
USS Saturn - A
Commanding Officer
SB 792
Commanding Officer



    To raise a family and to make Admiral someday in order to follow in his mother's footsteps.

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