Mandy Ryan Chekov

** This character often serves for Fleet persona or cameos and is considered assigned / detached wherever she needs to be. Profile & History do not currently include her life / career beyond 2380 **

Name: Amanda (Mandy) Ryan Chekov
Maiden name: Ryan
Species: Human
Age: 32 (as of 2383)
Gender: Female
Rank: Captain
Position: Head of Scientific Research & Development (Velosia)
Appearance: 1m69, 59 kg, brown hair, brown eyes, tanned, athletic
POB: Luna
Raised: Luna (0-11), Aquaria, Federation Colony
Languages: Standard, S.A.L.B. (sentient aquatic life-forms basic), French, Klingon (learning)

Mandy Chekov


(husband) Paul Thomas "P.T." Chekov
(mother) Athanasia Andropoulos Ryan, scientist
(father) Daniel Ryan, holodesigner and artist, deceased
(brother) Timothy Ryan, age 35, aquafarmer
(sister) Lily Ryan, age 15

Status: Married

Hobbies and interests: Water sports, O-gravity dancing and figure flying, sky-skating, holodesign, will never admit to writing poetry.

Basic Profile

Born on Luna, Mandy Ryan trained as a O-gravity dancer at competition level until her father's death when she was 11. The family subsequently moved to the Aquaria Colony as it opened to settlement.

Although she involved herself a lot in the colony's activities, she was prone to individual initiatives. Independent, intuitive before being logical, her obstinacy took her through science studies against her tutor's advice. She graduated with commendable results but one year behind schedule; these years of struggling left her with a strong desire to take the shortest road to her next goal and through Starfleet Academy.

There she entered Basic Training and found herself blossoming in the company of kindred minds. Despite a one year long LOA from the Academy, justified by family matters, she was reintegrated at the same level. Her cursus was prolonged one year as she made a decision to accept complementary training in HSAR (holo simulation aided research).

She takes after her father's family for the artistic and intellectual interests; from her mother side, she inherited the scientific curiosity; from both, a sense of dedication she sometimes pushes too far, having trouble to give up once she has made up her mind to achieve something.

Her multicultural background (Greek, French, Anglo-Irish) makes up for a rich but somewhat conflictual personality.

Medical History

As a child, Mandy developed a mild case of schizophrenia she learnt to hold in check by autocontrol techniques. Towards the end of Basic Training, she was recruited for a program in mental conditioning - the purpose of the program being to create spies able to face telepaths even when working undercover, by the implantation of alternate personalities specifically based on a schizophrenic's latent ability to "be" another person.

The project being in its first stages, things went terribly wrong when a Vulcan instructor's mind was wiped out during one Mandy's training sessions. Under shock and her memory temporary blocked, Mandy was allowed out of the program, but remained a dangerous person for the few telepaths able to reach beyond her newly erected mental screen.

Over the course of Mandy's assignment on the USS Avalon, a succession of trials brought Therese, one of her alternate personaes, to take over for several weeks. All of the alternate and original personaes eventually degrading in the process, Therese medicated herself at the risk of her/their life and obtained total recovery, although she had to accept to disappear and let Mandy back in control again.

The added after effect is that a reinforced mental screen now totally blocks any attempts at telepathic or empathic scanning.

Personal History - additions

A few weeks after the destruction of the USS Avalon they were assigned to, Lt Mandy Ryan and Lt P.T. Chekov got married on Earth. Although they both agreed that their careers would have to lead them on separate paths for a while, they had faith in their future reunion. P.T. Chekov was reassigned a few days after Mandy completed Officer Training at the Academy in San Francisco. It was almost one year before the couple was reunited on the USS Arizona. A few months later, both decided for a change and were subsequently reassigned outside of Tango Fleet, on SB 782.


Mandy went through a first, short-lived marriage while in Basic Training.
Heir to her father's house on Liberia, a world dedicated to the Fine Arts, Mandy fought long to preserve the house but had to give up eventually as a landscape reorganization was planned in the area. The house has been transfered to another location and is now a museum dedicated to her father.
She owns a unique holocube, conceived and programmed by Daniel Ryan himself. Originally a child holoprogram, it harbours a close match of Daniel Ryan's personality, making him, his knowledge and experience, available to his descendants.


Starfleet Academy, Basic training
Tango Fleet:
USS Avalon, PO3 to CPO, Scientist's Mate, Science Department
USS Avalon, WO, Boatswain, Ops department
Starfleet Academy, Officer training
USS Arizona, Lt, Chief Science Officer

Awards / Commendations

Cross of Distinction
2 Honours of Excellence
Decoration of Gallantry
Citation of Valour
POM May 2000, Aug 2000, Sept 2001, Feb 2002