USS Liberty - SB 782

Vishakha Ramesh

** This character is occasionally used for cameos and is considered assigned / detached wherever she needs to be. Profile and History do not currently include life & career information beyond 2380 **

Rank: Commander
Position: Head of Medical Research (Velosia)
Species: Deltan/Indian
Age: 34 (as of 2383)
Gender: female
Height: 1m70
Weight: 57 kg
Skin: cinnamon
Eyes: dark brown, intense, almond shaped
Hair: dark, strong and shiny, square cut

Vishakha Ramesh - USS Liberty

General description:

Ramesh is generally gregarious. Her bedside manners are impeccable, her patients and work are her main concern in life. Apart from work and socializing, she likes spending time on the holodeck and studying extensively. Coming from one of the lesser noble families of Delta IV, her upbringing has been flawless. Just like any average Deltan, she has limited empathic skills and a dual personality: a Sensualist on one side, the rigor of her thinking is almost akin to a Vulcan's. Her sometimes playful mind likes to cultivate an aura of mystery, and thus there is indeed a bit more about her than meet the eye.


Ramesh was born from one the very few unions between a Deltan (her father) and a Human (her mother). From a bright child, she became a bright student on her home planet. Attracted both by sciences and technological studies, it was some time before she settled for medecine. Whereas her siblings chose to be part of the Seyalian Royal Military, Ramesh chose to join Starfleet. She nonetheless underwent the same traditional training, and although she doesn't like unnecessary violence, her fighting skills are above the average even among Starfleet officers.


2375: Junior Medical Officer / Ensign, USS Montaigne
2376: Medical Officer / Lt(jg), USS Liberty - Captain Forrest
2377: ACMO
2378: CMO / Lieutenant, USS Liberty - Captain Podhigar
2379: Team Coordinator and Medical Advisor, SB 782
2380: Detached on Starbase Tango as Instructor for TFA. Detached on the USS Liberty.


A hybrid of Human and Deltan, Ramesh remains more attractive on the average than most women but has been spared the Celibacy vow.
In reason of Deltan customs, she avoids eating any meat while away from her homeworld.